How to Back Up, Restore, and Migrate Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Windows 10 doesn’t have a built-in way to move your Sticky Notes to another PC. But we’ll show you how to do it here.

Sticky Notes in Windows 10 are the digital equivalent of those ubiquitous Post-It notes you see stuck on monitors in cubicles across the land. Despite being a quick and informal way to jot down information, both the paper and digital versions of sticky notes can sometimes contain surprisingly crucial data (passwords, tracking numbers, anniversary dates, etc.). This is becoming even more likely now that Sticky Notes has been expanding its feature set.  Sticky Notes has come a long way since it was first included in Windows Vista. It now includes a lot of built-in intelligence, such as the ability to recognize scheduled flights, support for digital inking, and of course, you can type on them as you have in the past.

One feature that is still absent from Sticky Notes: backing up, saving, and restoring your Sticky Notes.

This makes it a little bit tricky to bring all this important data with you to another device. Microsoft doesn’t provide a convenient way to back up your Sticky Notes, but you can still do it. This article shows how you can back up and restore your Sticky Notes to another device.

How to Backup and Restore Sticky Notes in Windows 10 on Another Computer

The first step to saving and restoring your Sticky Notes is finding where Windows 10 keeps them. To do that, press Windows key + R, type the following in the search box, then hit Enter:


Copy the file plum.sqlite file to a USB thumb drive or another backup source.

Connect the USB drive to the other device where you want to restore them, open the same Sticky Notes folder, then copy and paste the plum.sqlite file into the same folder. Click Replace the file in the destination when prompted.

Close the folder, restart your computer to confirm changes, then launch Sticky Notes on the other device. You should see your Sticky Notes on your new device. That’s it!

Let us know what you think. Are you a big fan of digital Sticky Notes, or do you prefer the good old-fashioned Post-It notes?



  1. Butch Thomas

    Thanks, But this is not what i am after. My Problem is currently running Windows 10, and my sticky notes folder on my task bar
    but the contents disappeared.

  2. rosemary camarda

    I deleted all my contacts that I had put on a single sticky note and by mistake deleted it

    is there no way to retrieve at all???

  3. Minni

    Didn’t work. I got the file and in it (with all the annoying stuff) the info’s there… but not showing up on my sticky notes

  4. Srinivas

    Thank you so much it helped helped restoring my sticky note data.

  5. Coline

    This did not work for me. My sticky notes did not transfer though I followed these instructions.

  6. Emma

    This worked for me when I copied all 3 files-plum.sqlite, plum.sqlite-shm and plum.sqlite-wal. Restarted the computer then all was transferred.

    • KI4RWL

      Had to do the same as Emma in the previous post. Copying plum.sqlite gave me a “corrupt file” error; when I copied all three files, they loaded just fine.

    • Michael

      This only worked when I copied the three plum files. Thanks Emma!

  7. Greg

    StickyNotes is the most god-awful “app” for any IT tech to support. In my environment, you cannot just “sign-in” to synchronize between computers. You cannot copy .snt or .sqlite files. StickyNotes won’t run afterwards. StickNotes is an immature, unsupported convenience “app” for children

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