Eric Mack

Eric is the co-founder of JournoDAO and a Global PR Specialist for Consensys. Based out of New Mexico, he’s been writing about computers and technology since the ‘90s. He is well-versed in personal technology and environmentally friendly renewable

During his free time, Eric refuses to wear a tie-dye shirt, so do not ask. He still considers himself to be marginally groovy.

Eric has been a long-time contributing editor at CNET and NPR. He's also contributed to notable sites, including Forbes,, and Gizmag.

He has knowledge and expertise about Solar energy and other off-grid devices, products, and other green-energy solutions. Eric cares for the environment, and in addition to personal technology, he has written about renewable energy products and services since 2011. He writes from the end-user perspective and makes understanding space, climate change, and futurism easy to understand.

Eric holds a degree in journalism, broadcast from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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