Looking for a New Amazon Kindle to Read eBooks? Here are Your Choices

If you are an avid reader of eBooks, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon Kindle. Not sure which one to get? Here is a look at the models currently available.

Bookworms all over the world have been rejoicing for years about eBooks. Using eBooks instead of physical copies allows avid readers to carry around their libraries in the palm of their hands. The most popular eReader at the moment is Amazon’s Kindle devices. Millions of people use the Kindle on a daily basis. If you have been contemplating getting one, but are a little confused by the different options available now, here is a look at the models that are currently available.


This is the basic Kindle and the most affordable of the line. It has a starting price of $89.99, and a great starter eReader. The latest model (unlike previous ones) now includes a front light so you can read indoors and outdoors. It will allow you to be able to read your eBooks in more places throughout the day. Just remember it won’t be available until April 10th but you can pre-order your Kindle now.

  • 167 ppi resolution
  • 6” glare-free screen
  • Wi-Fi only
  • 4 GB storage size
  • Touchscreen

Kindle Paperwhite

This is the next step up and the Kindle Paperwhite starts at $129.99. It can hold thousands of books like the basic one and the Kindle Paperwhite is backlit which means you can read in the dark without any problems. The new version is now waterproof and includes twice the amount of storage.

  • 300 ppi resolution
  • 6” glare-free screen
  • Wi-Fi or WiFi + Free Cell Connectivity
  • Touchscreen
  • 8 or 32 GB storage sizes to store thousands of books and magazines


Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is the newest of the Amazon Kindle family and pretty impressive. The price of the Kindle Oasis starts at $249.99. The improvements come in with a bigger screen, it is waterproof, has 12 LEDs, and comes in two different colors. You can get the Oasis in Graphite or with a Champagne Gold Aluminum Back.

  • 300 ppi resolution
  • 7” glare-free screen
  • Wi-Fi or WiFi + Free Cell Connectivity
  • Touchscreen + Page turn buttons
  • 8 and 32 GB storage sizes

At first glance, it may seem like the specs are similar, but that’s more because these are simple eReaders — they’re not tablets or iPads. The resolution and the lighting will make a big difference though, and the new Oasis and Paperwhite are waterproof, making reading and relaxing in a tub or poolside easier to do. When it comes to choosing the right one, it comes down to budget, features and your needs, and what feels right for you.

A Kindle is made for distraction-free reading with some extra features related to reading and study. If you’re looking for watching videos and using apps, then you’ll want to look at Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Kindle readers aren’t made for playing games, they were developed with avid readers in mind and they get better with each new version.

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