How to Adjust the Reserve Battery Level on a Windows 10 Laptop

If you’re a laptop user and constantly on the go during the day, the battery level of your device is important – especially when the charge is getting low.

If you’re a laptop user and constantly on the go during the day, your device’s battery level is important, especially when the charge is getting low. When your system hits the defined Reserve Battery Level, a notification pops up to warn the system is about to be forced into hibernation mode. Increasing the reserve level will allow you more time to find a power source so you can plug it in.

Reserve Battery Level Windows 10

Note: You can adjust the Reserve Battery Level in Windows 7 and 8, too. Also, remember that if you change the reserve battery level for one power plan, you’ll want to change it for each one you have configured on your system.

Adjust Reserve Battery Level in Windows 10

To increase or decrease the Reserve Battery Level percentage, right-click the battery icon in the system tray and select Power Options.

1 Power Options

The classic Control Panel will open to the Power Options section – click the Change plan settings hyperlink.

2 Change Plan Settings

Then click on the Change advanced power settings hyperlink.

3 Change Advanced Power Settings

Now scroll down and expand the Battery tree and then Reserve battery level and change the percentage to what you want.

4 Reserve Battery Level Percentage

Windows 10 includes a Battery Saver feature that is triggered when your battery charge is low. It puts your laptop into a low power mode that is designed to reduce power consumption. This allows you to get as much done as possible before you need to plug it in. You can go into Battery Saver settings and adjust when you want Windows to turn it on, too. But it isn’t the same as Reserve Battery Level, which notifies you when the battery is critically low and about to be forced to shut down.

Keep in mind that when it comes to battery power, it’s not an exact science, and everyone’s results will vary. If you have an older machine, you might want to set the level percentage higher, so you get an alert sooner. New systems with a fresh battery can be set lower. Still, having the level set between 5 to 10 percent should be fine for most users.

What battery settings do you tweak to get the most out of your laptop’s battery charge during the day? Let us know in the comment section below.



  1. Jack Busch

    I wish there was a way to do this for my gas light on the minivan. It only comes on if we are 10 minutes late to a wedding or a funeral and/or on some windy mountain path in the West Virginia wilderness

  2. David M Hall

    I have a Inspiron 15-3573 and I would like to set the charge level to 80% maximum.

    Is it possible?

  3. AndreiT

    Thank you for this walk-through.

    It worked lice a charm on Windows 10, and I had been looking around in the menu for hours before I found this walk-through.

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