How to Add Recycle Bin to This PC on Windows 11

How to Add Recycle Bin to This PC on Windows 11

You might want to make it easier to manage your files and folders using Recycle Bin. Here’s how to add Recycle Bin to This PC or File Explorer.

On your Windows 11 system, there are several different ways to make the Recycle Bin easier to access. For example, you can add the Recycle Bin to This PC. Or, you can pin it to the Quick Access section in File Explorer so it’s quicker to access.

The Recycle Bin is where your deleted files live until you completely empty it. Sometimes, you want to have easier access so you can manage those files and folders that you no longer need.

Hopping back and forth between the desktop and File Explorer can take time. Luckily, the following steps can save a few clicks by making the bin easier to access.

Pin Recycle Bin to File Explorer

One of the more straightforward ways to add the Recycle Bin to File Explorer is to pin it to the Quick Access pane on the left.

  1. Right-click the Recycle Bin on the desktop and select Pin to Quick access from the context menu. right-click recycle bin pin to quick access
  2. An entry for the Recycle Bin will appear in File Explorer’s Quick Access section in the left column.recycle bin pinned file explorer
  3. If you want to remove the Recycle Bin from the Quick Access section in File Explorer, right-click the entry and select Unpin from Quick access from the menu.remove rycycle bin from file explorer

Add Recycle Bin to File Explorer to This PC

If you prefer a more direct access option to the Recycle Bin, you can edit the Registry using the following steps.


Note: Making a wrong adjustment to the Registry can cause your system to become unstable or stop working. So, ensure that you back up the Registry before proceeding so you can restore your system if something goes awry.
  1. Press Windows key + R.
  2. Type regedit and click OK or press dialog regedit
  3. Once Registry Editor opens, navigate to the following path:
  4. Right-click NameSpace and select New > Key.namespace key
  5. Input the following value for the new key name and press Enter:

    enter new key regedit

  6. Close out of Registry Editor and restart Windows 11.
  7. Sign back into your Windows 11 system and open This PC to discover Recycle Bin is now listed next to your drives.recycle bin listed in This PC

Making the Recycle Bin Easier to Access

You can choose one or both options to achieve your goal, whether you want to quickly access the Recycle Bin from File Explorer or get to it from the This PC section. Adding the Recycle Bin to an easily accessible location helps you manage the files you no longer need. It also makes it quick to restore files and folders when needed.

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