Add More Icons iPhone or iPod Touch Dock [Jailbreak]

If you have an older iPhone or iPod touch, it’s fun to jailbreak it and breathe new life into it while waiting on iOS 7. This Jailbreak tweak adds more icons to the dock.

I have an older 4th generation iPod touch, and since iOS 7 and new devices are on the horizon, I’ve decided to go ahead and Jailbreak it. The main benefit of jailbreaking your iOS device is you can get more features, like setting Chrome as the default browser, and do a lot more customizations than Apple allows you by default.

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Since iOS was launched on iPhone and the iPod touch, you’ve only been able to have four icons on the dock. If you’d like to add more, with Infinidock, you can add up to 10 icons.

Download Infinidock from Cydia. It’s not free, it costs $1.99 — but if you love to customize iOS, it’s worth the price and provides some cool options. After installing it, go to Settings > Infinidock to set it up.

Infinidock Cydia Settings

The main thing to change right away is the number of icons you want on the dock. Then after that you can come back and tweak it more with the other settings.

icons per Page Infinidock

I don’t see any reason to add more than say five or six, but you might want to add more and it’s easy to experiment. In the first example on the left I added six icons, then 10 on the right. 10 gets pretty cramped, but it does allow you to scroll the dock left and right to see them all.

Six and 10 icons on iOS Dock

Here I set it to display five icons per page. Remember that you can continue to scroll the dock and add as many icons as you want.

Five icons iOS Dock

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FlatIcons iOS

Do you have a device that you’ve jailbroken? What are some of your favorite apps and tweaks? Leave a comment and let us know!

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