Access Skype from Virtually Anywhere with the Web Version

With the web version of Skype, you can join as a Guest and connect with anyone in the world for a quick voice or video chat and no account or app is needed.

When you think about doing a video call, Skype is usually the “go to” app users think of. But what if you use a different client and don’t want to create an account or install the app just for an occasional Skype call? The answer is you can just need a web browser.

One of the benefits of the web version is you can join as a Guest (no account required) and connect with anyone in the world for a quick chat, voice or video call for free. Microsoft takes advantage of Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) to enable browser-to-browser voice calling, video chat, and instant messaging. The major web browsers and mobile platforms support WebRTC which makes it possible to Skype with others on virtually any device you want.

However, keep in mind that this service is still labeled as Beta, so your experience may vary depending on the device and browser you’re using.

Skype via Your Web Browser

Head to this Skype page to start a conversation and then share a link with the people you want to talk with. Note that when using this method, the link for your conversation is only valid for 24 hours. Basically, this is a quick way to have conversations from anywhere you have a data connection and there is no need to install anything.

While there is no need to sign in with the web version. But if you do have an account, go ahead and log in so you have access to your contacts and previous conversations.

Skype on the web

If you find that you’re starting conversations often, make it easier to access Skype on the web by bookmarking the page on your web browser of choice. If you’re using Windows 10, you can pin it to the Taskbar or Start menu.

Of course, if you’re on a mobile device you can create a shortcut to Skype on the web, too. For instance, on Android go to the Skype page, tap the options icon, and then select Add to Home screen.

android skype

It’s also worth noting that you can access Skype via the web if you use Microsoft’s webmail service. In fact, Skype has been available via since 2013.

If you are a Skype user, do you use the dedicated app or prefer to use the web version? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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