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Get Android Smartphone Usage Summaries with Phonalyzr

Cellular callings plans aren’t getting any cheaper. With that in mind, it’s important to not overpay by using a plan that has more minutes than you need. Sure, you can get information from the carriers, but that’s not always convenient. Phonalyzr is a free app for Android smartphones that provides detailed information about your phone […]

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Defraggler: Freeware Friday

I do maintenance on my computer weekly to keep it clean and organized so it will run at top performance. Part of maintaining an organized system includes defragging your hard drive. Here’s my favorite free utility for the job. It’s Defraggler. Defraggler, from Piriform (Yes, the same company that makes another one of my favorite […]

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Irfanviewer displays nearly any file type acceptable

IrfanView: Freeware Freitag

Designed by independent developer, Irfan Škiljan, IrfanView is great for viewing any type of image in Windows. And it lets you convert and edit files in pretty much any format. I recommend IrfanView for Windows as this week’s groovy freeware Friday pick. Why I like it: Replaces the default Windows Photo Viewer Low system footprint […]

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Ninite Apps

Ninite: Freeware Friday

I’m always asking friends their recommendations for the best freeware they know. Most of the time, the first word out of their mouths is  — Ninite. Hey, if you haven’t checked out Ninite –groovyPost has a great piece where we covered it here —  you’re really missing out.  Available for Windows XP and up and […]

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