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How To Reset iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Without Losing Your Data

Is your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is having problems connecting to WiFi, have short battery life, or other bug problems? You might want to try a settings reset first. This will return all of the device’s settings back to factory defaults, but won’t delete any of your apps or media. In fact, it won’t even rearrange your home screen icons.

Reset iOS 6 Settings

To reset the settings on your device go to Settings >> General then scroll down and tap the Reset button at the bottom.

iOS SettingsReset

On the Reset screen tap Reset All Settings – Not Erase All Content and Settings – then you’ll need to verify you want to do it twice.

Reset ScreenVerify

It should only take a couple of minutes at most. After it’s finished, you’ll need to reconnect to WiFi, Bluetooth, and configure other custom settings.

A settings reset might solve problems you’re having with your device and I recommend trying this first. It might save you time without having to deal with a backup and hard reset. If you do need to do a full reset, make sure to back up your data first, as explained in our guide for  updating iOS.

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  1. Sarah March 11, 2014 at 12:05 pm #

    Do I loose my apps or pictures?

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