10 Things That are Never Cheaper on Amazon

Amazon has the most extensive online store presence in the world. Whether you’re looking for holiday gifts or something for yourself, it’s one of the best places to buy a multitude of products, both in terms of selection and price. But not for everything. There are some items you shouldn’t purchase through the retailer.

Third-Party Gadgets

If you’re in the market for a new gadget manufactured by a company, such as Amazon Alexa devices, go for it. Amazon is the best place to buy these items. Unfortunately, the same can’t necessarily be said about third-party gadgets. The reason isn’t necessarily about the price. Rather, Amazon is where fake products often end up. When it comes to counterfeit gadgets, your health or safety could be at risk.

If you are eying a third-party gadget on Amazon, make sure it’s shipped and sold by the company. While mistakes do happen, this mostly guarantees that the product is genuine. If the item you want isn’t coming from a retailer or Amazon and you still want it, look at the seller’s ratings and information. A brand new selling on Amazon is a big red flag. Also, be on the lookout for fake customer ratings and check the shipping policies. If the item is coming from overseas and the estimated delivery date is beyond five to 10 days, it’s perhaps best to look elsewhere.

It would be best if you also looked at the images of the product. Do they look authentic? Is there only one image available? You should also download one of the product images, then do a reverse Google image search. If the picture is showing up in lots of other places, the listing could be fake.

Small Appliances

In most cases, smaller appliances such as microwaves, mixers, and blenders should also be skipped at the online retailer. In most cases, the prices will be better at retailers such as Best Buy, Target, or Walmart. Even if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you’ll probably find better deals at one of those locations over Amazon.

No-Name Electronics

Electronics that come from a company you’ve never heard of or don’t offer a name should be avoided at Amazon and elsewhere. These types of electronics are often similar to popular items but aren’t the real deal. For example, it’s simple to find Apple AirPods knockoffs online at great prices. Avoid, avoid!

Power Tools

Home Depot, Lowes, and other big box home improvement stores are the place to purchase power tools, not Amazon. Overall, these companies have much more leverage with suppliers for items like drills, table saws, and the like. At the online retailer, which allows third-party sellers, you may find higher prices or, even worse, counterfeit items.


Toys, remote controls, and other items require batteries to operate. Whether you’re in the market for one-and-done AA or AAA batteries or something in the rechargeable variety, you might think Amazon is the place to go for discounts. Local hardware stores and warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club are often better places to go for huge discounts.


Household kitchen items such as cutlery should be felt before purchase. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible on Amazon. Plus, what you see online isn’t always the same as what you receive with items such as this. Rather than shopping at Amazon for your cutlery, go to a specialty store or big-box retailer.


Amazon offers an ever-growing lineup of furniture at aggressive price points. Unfortunately, finding the right furniture for your situation isn’t that easy since the website is a mess in selection and organization.  By contrast, Wayfair offers a more organized collection of products such as chairs, bedding, and tables. IKEA is another place where the product organization is much better and should be considered.


When it comes to purchasing cosmetics online, we suggest going to the source. That way, you know the product is genuine. Otherwise, there’s a more likely chance the product is inauthentic or designed for another market. Besides, Amazon doesn’t offer nearly the selection as other companies such as Sephora and Ulta. However, if Amazon is an authorized retailer for your favorite brand, you should be fine, so buy, buy, buy!

School Supplies

If you’ve ever had to buy supplies to start a school year, you know places like Walmart and Target have the best selection. Best of all, the items are available all year round at great prices. With this in mind, save some money by going local and avoid Amazon for school supplies.

Food Gift Boxes and Cards

Fruit baskets are a traditional gift choice for many buyers. With the rise of free one-day shipping for Amazon Prime customers, you might think it’s okay to purchase these items through Amazon. You probably shouldn’t, however. Instead, go to a local grocer and see the items that will be sent. That way, you know the edibles are fresh. If you want to work with Amazon, head to the local Whole Foods.

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity each year, largely because of Amazon. Though the online retailer is a great place to buy most items, some should be avoided. Happy shopping!

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