Keep Your Laptop Power Supply from Sliding a Off Desk with a Rubber Band

Are you tired of always kicking your power supply and ripping the power cord out of your laptop? Good news, I have a quick hack you can use to solve the problem!

Sure, you could probably use a strip of duct tape, but a rubber band can be almost as useful when it comes to customizing your computing workspace. Huh? Well, let’s say you have a laptop or some other device that has a power brick attached to its charging cable, and you’re tired of kicking it every time you sit down at the computer.

Or perhaps you work in a high traffic area where people are walking around and always kicking your power supply and ripping the power cord out of your system. , or you’re not paying attention and accidentally kick it, and the power becomes disconnected. Believe it or not, a rubber band might be your solution.

Use a Rubber Band as a Slip Guard

Wrap the rubber band around two opposing corners, and presto, the power brick is now slip-resistant and won’t slip off your desk. It’s quick, effective, and pretty cheap since everyone has an extra rubber band lying around.

rubber band on laptop power brick

Do you have any quick and easy clever uses you use for your computer hardware? Please shoot me an email or leave a comment below!



  1. Graham Long

    Good idea, then keep a few rubber bands with you.

  2. Jackson Taylor

    Cool tip although my power supply is pretty ugly so I probably won’t be putting it on my desk anytime soon.

    Makes me think however how I can make something to stick it UNDER my desk…. tape perhaps??

    • Steve Krause

      Um… Let me think about that one.

    • Willy H.

      Double-sided tap, super glue. Get a casing with ready-made sticker.

  3. Steve Krause

    Just used this tip today for my MacBook Air power supply. it’s small and white and always slips off the bar in my kitchen.


    • Brent

      and you can use the rubber band to bind your cord when you wrap it up to travel…


  4. mohit

    I did use a table calendar instead of rubber band as it hides power brick and saves space too.

  5. john m. morgan morgan

    I just use tape to seal it next to the backside of the table /or just tape the cord to another / all-in protection /

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