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When the Kindle Fire first came out, you could delete or favorite items from the Carousel on the home screen. A new feature of the 6.2.1 update is, it lets you remove items from the Carousel and Favorites.

Update: This process of removing items also works on the current Fire HD tablets, too. It is a system-wide feature of Amazon’s Fire OS that’s included on all of its Fire line of tablets.

The Carousel is at the top of your Kindle Fire home screen. There you can scroll through recently used items with a cover flow-like experience.

To remove an item, tap and hold the icon until the dialog appears. Then tap Remove from Carousel.

Kindle Fire Remove from Carousel

Favorites are the items below the Carousel. To remove an item, tap and hold an icon and select Remove from Favorites.

Remove from Favorites

This tip helps keep your Kindle Fire more organized and lets you hide embarrassing books you’re reading.




  1. Lisa  

    What I really wish I could do, is remove the very annoying ESPN app. I don’t watch sports, I will never watch sports and I hate that it takes up space at all.

  2. Brian Burgess  

    @Lisa: You can uninstall ESPN. Just long press the ESPN icon and then tap Remove From Device.

    I see it still shows up in the Apps under Cloud with the download icon. But it’s no longer on your device.

    • Lisa  

      right, thanks. Now I see how that works with the cloud. ;) I’ll make sure to keep device checked there. Much better.:) there is also something called Pulse but it only has the option to ad to favorites. Also IMDB. They’re both on my device and non removable as far as I an figure. Unless I’m doing it wrong. I just like to only have things I’m using and I don’t want to use this movie thing.


  3. Brian Burgess  

    @Lisa: Pulse is a cool news reading app. I actually enjoy it…well before Zite came around. Now I use Zite and Flipboard more.

    Anyway — Wow. I never caught this one. Sure enough, can’t get rid of IMDB or Pulse.

    From what I’ve read, you need to root the Fire to get rid of the pre-installed apps like IMDB or Pulse.

    I will keep my eye out though for another way … if there is one.

    • Lisa  

      Even if it’s cool, I don’t use it nor do I want to use it. ;) so as long as they had things on there you can’t remove and I think I thought it said they took away the ability to root…it will be annoying to me. I do appreciate the help. :)

      I guess I find it annoying that you have to put in a special program where, me being not that great at behind the scene things, might mess up the whole thing. they should just make it so you can take it off.

    • lori  

      where does books go if click remove from favorites–when i do this then look in cloud note its there as well as on device under book tab–please explain this>

  4. mac  

    i want to download some erotic books cor the listening pleasure of my husband and i but xo not know how to hide them from themain home page. i have teenagers, help!!_

  5. tonta  

    Hi, I can remove items from the carousel but when I try to remove books from device under my books section it just puts a down arrow under the books, how can I hide the books. I don’t want it to be seen

  6. David Parish  

    How do you permantently eliminate bookmarks from the kindle fire?

  7. David  

    Please remove my last name on previous post.

  8. everytime I try to delete a specific icon it only gives me the option to add to favorites…

  9. paul  

    how to take a photo off permantly from facebook

  10. Phil  

    Thanks SO MUCH, Brian !! Finally was able to delete apps from the home screen !!

  11. BrokenEye, The True False Prophet  

    How do you remove the pages from the homescreen, though? You know, those useless “Video”, “Games”, “Shop”, “Apps”, etc pages?

  12. Amie  

    Thank you! I was wondering how to get that bloody thing off.

  13. Brian  

    Is there a way to remove items in bulk rather than one at a time? I’ve just loaded loads of books all of which are on the carousel

  14. Sue  

    I want to ADD the book I’m reading to my home screen….no instructions on that. Please help

  15. Karen  

    Was wondering if I can download Google play store on my Kindle fire?

  16. B  

    Can my 9 year old clear up our kindles “recent tab”?
    If so And can i see what was done on the kindle while on her person?

  17. Harry  

    Yesterday “Amazon Deals” appeared on my home screen. How do I get rid of this? If Amazon, or anyone else, wants to advertise on my device it must ask and pay me.
    This intrusive behaviour is enough to have me refuse to buy anything Amazon related, ever again.

    • Marcus  

      Gotta agree with this. I paid for a device. I think Amazon or anyone else putting their apps on my machine is theft.

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