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Notepad Work Log

Windows Notepad: Create Time Stamped Logs

A quick and easy method to keep track of your day is available via Notepad. Here’s a simple trick, tried and true and still great. In Windows, open Notepad. Then type: .LOG Save your new log file. To do that, click File >> Save As — or the key combo [Ctrl][S]. Here I’m creating a […]

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How to Show Days of the Week in Toodledo

Of the to-do list/task manager apps and web apps I’ve tried, I’ve enjoyed Toodledo and RememberTheMilk the most. I like Toodledo because it’s free, and the iPhone app doesn’t require a premium membership. But I liked RememberTheMilk for a seemingly arbitrary reason: it showed the days of the week. Toodledo, for some reason, doesn’t show […]

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GoogleDocs + iPhone = Awesome OCR Free Tool

NeatReceipts Free Alternative: iPhone + Google Docs OCR

In the past, I’ve been very tempted to invest $200 or so towards NeatReceipts, the paper-to-digital filing system you probably recognize from the SkyMall catalog. Problem is, I already own a scanner—and I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on another one, regardless of how much easier it’ll make my life. But […]

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