How to Show Days of the Week in Toodledo

Toodledo show days of weekOf the to-do list/task manager apps and web apps I’ve tried, I’ve enjoyed Toodledo and RememberTheMilk the most. I like Toodledo because it’s free, and the iPhone app doesn’t require a premium membership. But I liked RememberTheMilk for a seemingly arbitrary reason: it showed the days of the week. Toodledo, for some reason, doesn’t show the names of the days of the week in your to-do list (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). There was an old forum post from back in 2009 when the Toodledo developers said that adding days of the week was “on our to-do list,” but ironically and unfortunately, it hasn’t been toodledone yet.

That small difference was enough to make me pay for a premium RTM membership for a year. But now my membership is up and I don’t feel like shelling out again for RTM. So I cooked up this workaround that helps me see which day of the week my Toodledo items are due.

Basically, what I do is organize my tasks by context and ignore the folders (which I was doing anyway). Then, use the folders to assign each item the day of the week that it’s due on. Here’s what it ends up looking like:

toodledo mon through fri

For me, that really helps me plan for an entire week. It’s not a perfect solution, but for me, it’s done the trick and perhaps you will find it handy as well.

Step 1

Login to Toodledo and Click on Folders on the left.

toodledo days of the week

Step 2

Create a folder for each day of the week. Depending on your needs, you may want to lump Saturday and Sunday into a single folder called “Weekend.

toodledo weekday names

Step 3

Return to your To Do List.

toodledo names of days

Step 4

Click the Edit Column Order/Width icon in the Customize menu in the top-right.

toodledo mon thru fri

Step 5

Drag and drop the Folder column so it sits right next to the Due Date column.

add weekdays to toodledo

Step 6

Sort your columns by Due Date.

show name of day on toodledo

And that’s all there is to it. Hopefully, you weren’t already using Folders and Contexts in any special way. I suppose you could make a separate context or tag for each day of the week as well. Personally, I tried tagging the day of the week, but it got too muddled up with my other tags. For me, assigning days of the week to the folders worked best.

Got a better solution? I would love to hear it. This, to me, is Toodledo’s Achilles’ heel. Other than that, I love it.



  1. garry

    May 13, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    It’s not free in New Zealand. Cost $4.19!!!

  2. clarita

    September 29, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Somebody has tested clicktoapp in Evernote:

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