Android Smartphone Launcher for Users with Poor Eyesight

Do you have an older friend or relative that’s not tech savvy? Or do they have a hard time seeing small smartphone displays? Big Launcher solves both problems. It isn’t a free app, but it’s cheap, simple and useful enough that I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Big Launcher isn’t your typical Android Launcher. It doesn’t pack many features, it doesn’t offer multiple homes screens and it doesn’t let you set a picture of  your cat as the background. No, Big Launcher isn’t something that a tech-savvy smartphone owner would normally be attracted to.

Big Launcher for poor vision users

So why talk about Big Launcher? My best friend’s older father. Not only is he completely technology-illiterate. He also has failing eyesight. However, he still uses three things on his phone — Voice, SMS (texting) and the Camera.

To say the least, finding a phone that works for him has proved to be quite a challenge.
After doing some digging around for specialized phones that match his needs, I found out two things:

  1. Phones specifically made for older people or those with poor eyesight are wildly overpriced and lackluster.
  2. There is a higher demand for this type of phone than I originally thought.

If only there were a phone running a highly customizable operating system that could be “dumbed down” and the screen size increased. Oh wait…Android! There are plenty of old models of Android smartphones available on eBay and other sites. They’re affordable, have cameras and even bonus features like GPS or a 3G connection.

Unfortunately, an Android phone can sound quite intimidating to someone who has never used a smartphone before. That’s where Big Launcher comes in. Big Launcher takes an Android smartphone and makes it simple for less tech savvy users. It also increases the user interface size enough that farsighted persons won’t need to grab their reading glasses to see it.

On the more technical side of this review, here are the app specs.

  • 6 fully customizable home screen buttons
  • Clock and Calendar that when pressed opens the Alarm menu
  • A SOS button for emergency calls/texts (can be set to a different action if not wanted)
  • Multiple Language support
  • Customizable font size (3 sizes)
  • A preference button to easily unset Big Launcher as the default.

While we wish it was free, Big Launcher is currently only $1.39 on the Android Market. Take a look at the gallery below to see it for yourself.

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