2011 Smartphones: The Ultimate Comparison Chart

The Ultimate Android, Windows, and iOS smartphone comparison chart

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Last week, Apple announced the Apple iPhone 4S — a rev on its current iPhone 4 technology. How does it compare with the leading Android phones out there?

I put this matrix together, which includes specs from the upcoming Nexus Prime.

And if you are looking to buy a new tablet, check out our tablet comparison chart, too.

I’ll keep updating this as more phones come out — suggestions welcome!



  1. Steve Krause

    Nice work Austin. Very much wanted the iPhone 4S to have 4G LTE…

  2. Austin Krause

    By the way. If anyone finds any phones they would like added to this chart, just shoot me an email or leave a comment here!

    • K.G.

      Great guide Austin! Hey, if you can add the Motorola Triump, and the LG Optimus V, that would be great. They are the Virgin Mobile (through Sprint) SmartPhone offerings, at a price I can go for ($45 for Unlimited Web/Data, Unlimited Text, and 1200 minutes talk time).

      Also, I was wondering if a Sprint unlocked phone would work with the Virgin Mobile (through Sprint) service. They only offer 3G through Virgin, so I am not sure what unlocked phones would work through Virgin. Thanks!

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