Play Missile Command and Defend Any YouTube Video

We have all the details on a new eater egg found in YouTube which spins up a free game of Missile Command. Defend the videos from the enemy!


For all of you who want to take a break from Cat and baby videos, Google recently introduced a new feature to YouTube that includes a built-in missile command game. YouTube marketing is calling it an “Easter Egg” just like many of the hidden features you can find throughout its services.

To access the missile command game, view any YouTube video page and type 1980 on your keyboard.

The game will show up and integrate into the video. This makes the video restart and link itself to the game.

youtube 1980

A health bar will appear at the top of the game, and this is actually the health of the video. As missiles hit the ground, they are hitting the video and making the health go down. As the video is damaged the virtual screen for it will crack.

video under attack

Let the video get hit too many times, and it’s game over.

video destroyed, game over

Try it for yourself on any groovy YouTube video you can find.



  1. Ron White

    Damn you, Krause! I wasted my youth playing Missile Command. Now you want me to waste my waning years, too.

  2. Vadim

    Awesome. This is to cool.

    Thnx for the find!

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