Windows 10 Version 1803 Nearly Complete with Build 17128

The final version of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, set for release next month, is nearly complete. The Preview watermark has been removed.

Microsoft today released Windows 10 RS4 Preview build 17128 to Insiders in the Fast ring. This build signals that version 1803 –Spring Creators Update – is virtually done. The company no longer does RTM builds, but this one signals that it is now feature-complete, and any new builds from now until the official version (expected next month) will be fixing any remaining bugs.

Windows 10 Preview Build 17128

In today’s announcement, the company says, “We’re just now beginning the phase of checking in final code to prepare for the final release. The only difference between this build and Build 17127 from Tuesday is the removal of the watermark. However, we’ve got more fixes being checked in for the next flight.” The company also said build 17127 has been released to Insiders in the Slow ring and will be releasing the ISO version next week.

With this build, Microsoft is introducing “Cortana Show Me,” a build to Windows 10 settings and is now available to download from the Microsoft Store. “In our preview app, Cortana will show you how to change settings step-by-step. In this release, you can launch guides directly from the app homepage, but check back soon for voice entry points,” notes the Microsoft announcement. It will provide playable step-by-step guides to over 50 Windows Settings. It also allows you to replay a guide if you missed a step or want to watch it again.

Here is a look at the guides that are currently offered, and Microsoft says many more will be added soon:

  • Update Windows
  • Check if an app is installed
  • Uninstall an app
  • Change your desktop background
  • Use Airplane Mode
  • Change your display brightness
  • Add nearby printers or scanners
  • Change your default programs
  • Change your screen resolution
  • Turn off Windows Defender Security Center
  • Run a security scan
  • Change Wi-Fi settings
  • Change your power settings
  • Discover Bluetooth devices
  • Check your version of Windows

There are no known issues with this build, but you’re encouraged to mention what you find in the Feedback Hub if you run across anything. Make sure to read the official post for all new features, known issues, and developer notes.

The final version is coming. Do you plan to upgrade right away? If you are an Insider, let us know how this build is or isn’t working on your test system. Or, hop in our Windows 10 Forums for more discussions and troubleshooting advice for all things Microsoft.



  1. Jim Berline

    Sounds really exciting’ please let me know- I can hardly wait to see this new Windows 10 Update! thanks so much… :)

  2. Joe

    If it’s not released soon, they’ll have to change the version to 180?

  3. George

    I also heard from other sources that it’s gonna start getting released gradually on the next month. Can’t wait to see the new Windows 10 timeline.

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