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SongKick Now Has Android App

As it seems to happen with a lot of services, including Instagram, the iOS app is usually followed by the Android app (even if it takes a while). Songkick, the website that provides personalized concert guides, now has an Android app.

songkick android app


The app is finally out on Android, and it’s available for free. iPhone users had the app since way sooner — June, 2011 — but I don’t think its coming to Android will upset iOS fanatics as much as Instagram did.

The app, which has an Ice Cream Sandwich design feel, is called SongKick Concerts, and it takes the service into an Android mobile environment. First it scans your phone’s music library, and then makes live concert recommendations based on the music you like. It can also make recommendations based on your current location, which it receives from your Android device if you have location services enabled.


Songkick can also get the artists you like from services like, Rhapsody and Pandora. If you’re a live music fan, like me, you’ll find it quite useful and straightforward to navigate.

You can find it in the Google Play Store.

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