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Google Project Glass Officially Announced – World Domination to Follow

A while ago, I told you about a Google project involving some glasses that would allow you to do all kinda of things including getting information about your surroundings, take photos and much much more. Well, today that rumor became a reality as Google has officially announced Project Glass.

google project glass

The announcement was made via a post on Google Plus, and there’s also an accompanying little video.

From the photos on the Project Glass site, the device looks like a thin band that sits over the user’s eye and displays information automatically or by request. Functions are voice-activated and you can see the character in the video (well, you can’t really see him, as it all looks like it’s taken from behind said glasses), checking his e-mail, getting weather information, listening to music and setting reminders among other things.

He also gets directions and a most interesting thing is that he’s actually guided to the Music section of a library at one point. He’s also making a video call right through them using Google Voice of course…

Now, if the end product works like this, I’ll be one of the first to buy it, even if I’ve already had a few talks with friends about privacy concerns that are being raised here. These things need to “talk” to a server continuously in order to work, don’t they? And if they do, how much of what they can “see” is sent to that server? How much information is stored? How will this affect ads you get online or around you? My guess, all of it. Honestly, just thinking of the possibilities with these things is mind-boggling. Just imagine walking down the street and having little pop-up ads appear showing you various Google Offers for the store or reviews for a restaurant.

Nevertheless, Google has decided to show this so it can get input from the public when developing the product, which, according to The Telegraph, will be out later this year, at a suggested price range between $250 and $500.

Honestly… I think selling the device is a big mistake. They should just give it away. Afterall, if the device can do everything shown in the video — forget the iPad and the iPhone and the Android. Who needs all that crap if you have this bad boy? If Google is smart, they will get these devices to market as quickly as possible and give them away then rake in the cash on the back-end following the — Give away the razor and sell the blades model.

Wow… If Google pull this off and deliver, this could very well turn the entire industry on its head by filling the world with Geordi look-alikes!

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3 Responses to Google Project Glass Officially Announced – World Domination to Follow

  1. Josh Windisch April 5, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    I hate to rain on this parade, but I have to say first of all, I highly doubt it will work as well as the video shows. I’m also not convinced this would replace an iPad, an iPhone or especially a computer. I certainly couldn’t imagine writing documents, browsing the web, reading books, or playing games with this. Not to mention what do us people that wear glasses already do? I imagine that would probably be an easy thing to adjust for though (maybe they’ll have some sort of add on to your current glasses). Maybe it’s just me, but there’s plenty of times where I can’t dictate, and have to be able to type or write. Again, I highly doubt this will replace anything of mine. But if it would complement my other devices and work with them, then this could be very cool and very useful.

  2. Mat Lee April 6, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    I don’t think it’s meant to replace the computer, but between the quadcore device in my pocket these will be hooked up to, and the possibility of how awesome having a customizable HUD (I’m dreaming of something like Samus Aran had in Metroid Prime.

    Of course the first few will completely suck. I’m interested to see how they get around the whole daylight screen suck issue. E ink? How lame would that be, a HUD that renders like your kindle hahaha.

    • Austin Krause April 6, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

      An upcoming epidemic of nearsightedness to follow suit. Time to buy stock in Lasik and contact lenses.

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