Get $10 Free At Any Eat24 Restaurant Using the PayPal App

Paypal has a coupon for practically free lunch or dinner. It’s advertising it as a PayPal app purchase but it should be usable from the website too.

Paypal is trying to get more users on its mobile by luring them in with free food. This is happening via the Eat24 program going on with local restaurants in certain markets. Eat24 is an online food ordering system designed primarily for delivery, and most restaurants I’ve seen don’t offer carry out. However, for those that do this is a super deal. The coupon is only available in limited quantity and expires on 11/3/2013.

Note: Technically this is all supposed to be done using the PayPal app, but the people I’ve talked to who have done this say that it can done using the website from any computer.

Here’s how to get in on the deal:

  1. Clip the PayPal $10 coupon by going to the Promo Link and signing in. (as always, make sure your link is actually before entering your credentials.)
    eat24 coupon
  2. Visit and type in your address.
  3. Place your order at the restaurant of your choice.
  4. Select PayPal as your payment type.
  5. Input coupon code “swagged” during checkout for an extra $3 off.
  6. The order may not reflect the $10 coupon until after it shows up in your PayPal activity history.
  7. Pickup your food and eat!

This can all be done over the mobile apps as well.

Unfortunately for me, in the Clearwater area none of the restaurants offer carry out and the delivery fee greatly offsets any savings had by the coupon. Post your results below!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tiana

    It worked for me! At first I was a little concerned because the checkout screen aaid the full amount, but the coupon is applied after. Love this app

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