Dropbox Prices Cut as Market Heats Up

Responding to the lower pricing of competitors like Google Drive, SkyDrive and SugarSync for high capacity storage, Dropbox today has cut its prices in half. Read our story.

Up to now, you paid premium prices for additional storage on Dropbox, at least compared to the pricing of its major competitors.  Today, Dropbox, the acknowledged leader in consumer cloud storage services, has cut its prices in half by doubling the storage of existing Pro users and posting new prices.


While free users still start with 2 GB, Pro users now can purchase 100 GB for $9.99/month or $99.90 if you pay in advance for a year.  Prior to today that pricing would have earned you 50 GB of storage.


Dropbox still offers its Teams service, for multiple users and business customers, and with storage limits described this way: “as much as you need”.  However, when you read the fine print: “Teams start with 1000 GB of storage for five users, with 200 GB added for each additional user.  If you need additional space, give us a call and we’ll work with you to increase your quota.”  Like the single user service, prices here have also come down on a pre GB basis.

So, enjoy the mobile cloud based storage models available now and watch for further developments.  Cloud storage has never been this inexpensive!



  1. Chris Jones

    I would like to add that they also included a 500GB plan. No where in your article mentioned that.

    • Mike Rothman

      Great addition, Chris. Thanks for rounding out the picture for us. Are you a user at the 500GB level? What do you think of Dropbox generally?

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