Apple Selling Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 in Its Store

Apple is selling its newest smartphone, the iPhone 5, without being tied down to a two year contract. Now you can get the iPhone 5 factory unlocked.

Apple is finally selling its newest smartphone, the iPhone 5, outside traditional operator channels. Now you can get the iPhone 5 factory unlocked in the Apple Store. 

It seems Apple’s supply of the iPhone 5 is finally keeping up with the demand — or demand is lower due to the Android competition. And now you can get the phone without the hassles of a carrier contract.

To get one, go to iPhone’s 5’s page on the Apple Store and choose a color — black or white. Then scroll past the prices for the smartphone with a wireless service plan and click “Or get iPhone unlocked and contract-free”.

Then you’ll see the prices for the unlocked iPhone 5. Of course you’ll end up paying more upfront for the unsubsidized phone.

According to the Apple site, the unlocked iPhone 5 includes the same features as the on-contract phones, but without being committed to a contract. It can be activated and used on supported GSM networks in the US, but not with CDMA carriers. It also says that it’s the best option if you travel abroad frequently.

All unlocked phones are available to ship in one week.

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