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Android Device Manager Adds Lock Screen and Reset Password

We recently covered how to use Android Device Manager to find your smartphone or tablet. It gave you the option to ring your device or completely erase it. Recently a new option has been added that allows you to remotely change the password and lock the screen.

If you haven’t enabled it yet, check out our article on how to set up Android Device Manager. When you do, you’ll now see an option to lock the screen in the list of features.

Lock Screen Option

If you already have it enabled, you don’t need to do anything, you’ll see the lock screen feature when using the Android Device Manager website.

Lock Android Device

After selecting to lock your device, you’ll need to enter in a new password.


Then you’ll get a verification that your Android has been locked and the password has been reset.


When you find your smartphone or tablet, you’ll find it has been locked and you’ll need to enter in the new password you gave it.

enter new pw

The “find my Android” feature has been a long time coming, and the addition of being able to lock it and reset the password makes it feel more complete, versus just having a ring and erase option.

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