How to Use the Safari Reading List Feature on iPhone

The reading list in Safari on your iPhone allows you to save articles to read later. Here’s how to use it.

If you want to save articles to read later there are different options for your desktop like Pocket, Microsoft Edge Collections, or the recently launched Reading List for Google Chrome. But what about on your iPhone? Well, the cool thing is that Safari has a built-in Reading List feature. Here’s a look at how to use it to save articles to read later.

Use Safari’s Reading List on iPhone

To get started, launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and browse to the article you want to save to read later. Then from the toolbar, click the Share button. Then from the menu that comes up, tap on the “Add to Reading List” button.

Share button add to reading list

Alternately, you can tap and hold the Bookmarks button from the toolbar. Then tap “Add to Reading List” from the menu that comes up.

add to reading list

It’s also worth noting that you can tap and hold a link in an article. Then a preview of the linked page will come up. And you can tap Add to Reading List from the options menu that comes up.

add to reading list from link iphone

Tap and hold a link in an article to get a preview screen of it. Then use the option to Add to Reading List.

Note: Once an article is saved to the Reading List on iPhone, it is synced to Safari on your Mac and iPad, too. Then you can read it from a different device when you have time to do so.

Find Your Reading List

To access the articles you saved over time, tap the Bookmarks icon from the toolbar at the bottom of the browser. Then to switch to your saved article list, tap the Reading List button. It looks like a pair of glasses in the middle of the available tabs. Just tap on an article to read it on Safari.

Reading List on iPhone

Reading List on Mac

Launch Safari on your Mac and click the Reading List button from the toolbar on the left-hand side.

Safari Mac Reading List button

That will open the list where you can click to read an article. Click on the “eyeglasses button” and choose the article you want to read.

Reading List Safari Mac

Delete Articles from Reading List

When you are done with an article on your Reading List, swipe left on the article and then tap Delete. To delete multiple pages on the list, tap the Edit button at the bottom of the page. Then select the articles you want to remove and tap the Delete button.

delete pages from reading list

Save Article for Offline Viewing

You can also save articles to your list to read while you’re offline. That comes in handy when you have limited or no data connectivity. If you want all articles to be saved to read offline go to Settings > Safari. Then scroll down to the “Reading List” section and flip on the Automatically Save Offline switch.

offline view Safari reading list

If you’re interested in other ways to work with Safari on Mac as well as iOS, check out how to automatically use Safari’s Reader View and how to personalize your Safari Start Page on Mac.

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