How to Type on Your iPhone from a Windows 10 PC

Typing a lot of text on an iPhone can be cumbersome. However, there’s a free and easy way to use your computer’s keyboard to enter text on your iPhone. We’ll show you how.

Typing on your iPhone can be cumbersome if you have a lot to say. If you have a Mac, you can use the Messages app and Notes apps to type using your Mac’s keyboard. But what if you’re using a Windows 10 PC?

You can use iCloud for Windows to access Apple apps like Messages and Notes, or you can use the Your Phone app on Windows 10 to type messages, but if you want to enter text into a non-Apple app, you need another option.

Enter AirType, which is a free app that allows you to enter text using your Windows PC (or even a Mac) keyboard through a browser. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to install anything on your PC to use it.

Install AirType

Search for AirType in the App Store on your iPhone and install it.

AirType in the App Store

Set Up AirType

To set up AirType, open the Settings app.

Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen

Tap General on the Settings screen.

Tap General on the iPhone Settings screen

Then, tap Keyboard.

Tap Keyboard in the iPhone Settings

On the Keyboards screen, tap Keyboards to access the list of available keyboards.

Tap Keyboards on the iPhone Keyboards Settings screen

To add the AirType keyboard, tap Add New Keyboard.

Tap Add New Keyboard in the iPhone Settings

In the list of Third-Party Keyboards, tap AirType.

Tap AirType in Third-Party Keyboards list in iPhone Settings

The AirType Keyboard is added to the list of available keyboards.

You need to give it full access before you use it, so tap AirType Keyboard – AirType in the list.

Tap AirType Keyboard in the iPhone Keyboards list

Tap the Allow Full Access slider button, so it turns green. Then, tap Allow on the popup.

Turn on Allow Full Access for AirType

Switch to the AirType Keyboard

To enter text using AirType in an app on your iPhone, you must switch to the AirType keyboard.

Tap in the text area of any app that allows text input to activate the on-screen keyboard. Then, tap and hold the globe icon in the lower-left.

Tap AirType Keyboard – AirType on the popup menu.

Select the AirType keyboard

Use AirType in Your Browser to Enter Text on Your iPhone

Now that you’ve activated the AirType keyboard, you need to connect your PC browser to it.

Note the URL in the AirType keyboard.

AirType URL for the browser

Enter the URL from the AirType keyboard into your browser’s address bar and press Enter.

A text box displays in the center of the browser tab. Type what you want to send to your iPhone in the text box. Then, click Send.

Using AirType in the browser

NOTE: If you switch away from the AirType keyboard on your iPhone, the AirType page in your browser notifies you that it’s waiting for the AirType keyboard to be connected again. Once you select the AirType keyboard on your phone again, the text box for entry automatically displays again.

Waiting for AirType Keyboard

Enter Text Using AirType on Your iPhone

Once you click, Send in the browser, the text you typed on your PC displays in the app on your iPhone.

You can only send one line at a time to your phone using AirType. However, you can use the AirType keyboard on your phone to enter text there as well. To access the AirType keyboard for typing, tap ABC.

Text entered into a note on iPhone

Then, for example, you can tap Return on the keyboard to go to the next line.

To go back to the AirType keyboard for entry from your PC, tap the blue signal icon on the keyboard.

AirType text keyboard on iPhone

Switch Back to the Standard iPhone (or Any Other) Keyboard

Once you’re finished using the AirType keyboard, you can return to the standard iPhone keyboard or any other keyboard you want to use.

Tap and hold the globe icon and then tap on the keyboard you want on the popup menu.

Return to the regular keyboard on iPhone

A Simple, But Useful, Solution

As we mentioned, AirType only allows you to enter text, one line at a time. You can’t interact with the iPhone app in any other way. For example, you can’t use AirType to tap Send in an email or messaging app. However, even with that limitation, it’s useful if you have a lot to type on your phone.

If you’re inputting sensitive information on your iPhone, it’s better to enter it directly on your phone without using AirType. Also, when you’re on a public Wi-Fi network, be careful what you type using AirType.

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