iOS Tip: Scan Documents and Email as PDF

Genius Scan is a handy iOS app that scans documents with your iPhone and email them as a PDF or JPEG.

Do you need to scan and email a document but don’t have a clunky document scanner? You can use your iPhone and the Genius Scan app for iOS to do the job.

It’s a free iOS app (recently updated for iOS 6) that lets you scan documents with your iPhone and email them in JPEG or PDF format. It uses the camera to capture the document and you can crop the shot to the part of  the document you want to point out. It will auto-detect documents edges which is handy.

Scan Documents with Genius Scan for iOS

First download the free version of Genius Scan from the App Store. On the main screen you’ll see the camera icon, tap on it and capture the document. For best results, place the document on a table or a leveled surface to get the best shot.

GeniusScan on iOS

When you capture the document, it automatically shows an outline that contains the document. Notice it automatically finds the edges quite well too. If you want to crop or select a specific area of the document, you can manually edit it by dragging the outline grid.

GeniusScan 2

Once saved, you can email the document in PDF or JPEG format. You can also share it on Facebook or Twitter — but only in JPEG format.

GeniusScan 1

The app offers great processing options too. From Settings you can adjust paper size/orientation, image processing options and more.

GeniusScan 4

If you want support for uploading to cloud storage services Dropbox, Windows SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote and Box. you can buy Genius Scan+ for $2.99. But if you just want to share the scanned documents via email, the free version is all you’ll need.

This is yet another app we like that turns your iPhone or iPad in to a portable document scanner.



  1. Jack Busch

    I tried this awhile back, but I admit I got frustrated with this app. While I still do occasionally snap a photo of a receipt or bill and email it to myself, I don’t bother PDFing it. Instead, I take all my important paper and put it in a cardboard box. Then, once a month (okay, okay, once a quarter) I run it all through my NeatReceipts ( scanner. Before the NeatDesk upgrade, I was just doing plain jane PDFs, but the latest NeatDesk is a lot better.

    I got the littler model for $100 off I like it.

  2. Steve Krause

    So your scanning using the Neatreceipts scanner and the NeatDesk Software?
    Everything cost you $100?

  3. Hammad

    Well, i think for a normal user who scans document once in a while, genius scan can do the task without spending anything :)

    • Jack Busch

      Yeah no you are right. The app is actually very cool. It’s me who is lazy :-p

      And Steve yeah the scanner comes with a license for the software. I think for cheaper you can get the same scanner without the Neat logo on it. But then you don’t get the software.

      My scanner was a refurb.

      Now that I think about it $100 is a lot to spend on something my phone can do for free.

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