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Kloudless Allows You to Save Gmail Attachments to Cloud Services

Kloudless is a Chrome extension which allows you to save attachments from your Gmail account to cloud storage services, like Dropbox and Google Drive. More than that, it’s very easy to use. Here’s how it works.

After installing the extension, you’ll see a new link on the top right side of your Gmail window. Click Get Started and allow Kloudless the permissions you’re account.

kloudless on

In the next step, you’ll be setting your cloud service accounts – the service supports Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. I’ll go with the latter. You will, of course, be asked for permission for these services, too.

kloudless accounts

Now, go ahead and create some rules from the Add-ons tab – you can have up to ten of them. For example,here I set all attachments from a certain contact to be copied to my Google Drive account. You can also set rules bases on larger attachments.

kloudless rules

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One Response to Kloudless Allows You to Save Gmail Attachments to Cloud Services

  1. nat June 24, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    This is a great extension, but… can the attached file be REMOVED from gmail [at the same time]? If not, I am using double the space on the cloud for each attachment. (On Gmail and on the destination cloud.)
    Thank you much for groovypost.

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