Microsoft Download Manager is a Simple Tool For Downloading Across Unstable or Slow Connections

Microsoft Download Manager updated When you are running a laptop over a tethered connection, or even a shaky home-line, it is a pain downloading just about anything.  In particular, big files are the worst.  When you’ve waited 30 minutes for a file to download, and then it cancels –the feeling of defeat is worse than spilling your coffee.  That is of course, unless you have  download manager that saves download progress and lets you resume when one is interrupted. 


The Microsoft Download Manager is a tiny utility that might not be the best download manager out there, but it’s free, hardly uses any system resources, and it gets the job done.  There isn’t much to say, the program is pretty straight forward, and since they just updated it to version 1.2 I thought it was worth a mention.

microsoft download manager

What is a download manager?

Typically, a download manager is a program that you can use to resume downloads in the case that you lose the connection or for some reason the download is interrupted.  Often, you can also pause and prioritize downloads.  For most high-speed internet users out there, this is not at all necessary.  But, if you are on an unstable high-speed connection, for example 4G or radio internet, a download manager can be a godsend for downloading large files.

Unfortunately, most download managers are packed with more features than you could ever use.  And if you aren’t going to use all of the features, the extra amount of ram, cpu, and disk space that the advanced download managers use will just go to waste.  Albeit, a user that considers himself a “power downloader” can enjoy everything you would find in a program like Jdownloader, but the Microsoft Download Manager would make a better choice for the casual computer user.

Download the Microsoft Download Manager from the official Microsoft download site.



  1. Chris

    Doesn’t IE9 have a download manager ?

  2. Chris
    Version: 1.2 Date Published: 6/10/2011
    since they just updated it to version 1.2 I thought it was worth a mention
    url for 1.2.1

    • Steve Krause

      Thnx Chris for the update

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