Quickly Re-Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

Restore tabs in Chrome and Firefox

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in your browser? Here’s the quickest way to bring the tab back in Chrome and Firefox with a keyboard shortcut.

Over the past few years browser tabs have become the standard in web surfing. As a technical writer I’ll often find myself with 30+ open tabs while doing research. With so many tabs open, it becomes very easy to accidentally close the wrong one. When this happens, both Chrome and Firefox have interface options to bring the tabs back, but a keyboard shortcut is the fastest way to go about it.

In the age of tabs, there were many keyboard shortcuts. Some short, some powerful. But there was one shortcut forged to rule them all. The keyboard hotkey combination to instantly reopen a closed tab.

Press Ctrl + Shift + T to instantly reopen tabs that were closed, in the order that they were closed. On a mac substitute the ⌘ key for Ctrl.

keyboard knight - ctrl + shift + t

If you’re still not convinced and prefer to click with the mouse, check the instructions below.

Chrome Interface

In Chrome the interface works the same as it did before with just a minor change to the button location. You’ll find a list of all of your recently closed Chrome tabs at the bottom-right of a New Tab window.

chrome recently closed tabs

Firefox Interface

Firefox keeps it simple. Just open the Firefox menu button and select History > Recently Closed Tabs. From there you can select an individual tab to reopen or do the entire list in one click.

firefox recently closed tabs



  1. Ana  

    This also works on IE ;) a least on the latest versions.

  2. @Ana thanks for pointing that out! I just tested it in IE10 and works like a charm!

  3. Papa Lee  

    Or, in FF, right click on an existing tab and select Undo Close Tab.

    • Mike w  

      and in google its “right click on an existing tab and select re-open closed Tab”

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