How to Print Passport Photos in Windows 10

Learn how to print your very own passport size photos in Windows 10 without the hassle of a trip to the store.

Ever wanted to print your very own passport-size photos without the hassle of a trip to the one-hour photo store? Windows 10 makes it easy to do so using its built-in printing wizard for photos. Also known as wallet size photos, you can easily have your photos printed in a set of nine. There are also a couple of third-party apps you can use. Let’s take a look at your options.

Print Passport Size Photos Using the Photo Printing Wizard in Windows 10

Select the photo you would like to print, right-click on it, then click Print.

select photo right click print

Select your printer, paper size, quality, and the number of copies. On the right side of the window, scroll down to the bottom, then choose Wallet. Click Print.

select size and print

Wait while your passport photos are printed.

wait while your photo is processed

If you need to make adjustments to the photo’s dimensions, first check your country’s immigration website for details about picture size.  Once you have determined the size, open the image in Microsoft Paint, then click the Resize button under the Home tab. Select the Pixels radio box, then enter the appropriate dimensions for the photo.

Third-party Alternatives for Printing Passport Photos

There are free apps you can also use to print passport photos. For example, Irfanview (available from the Windows Store) offers more options than Paint for adjusting the size and printing options.

In IrfanView, click File > Print, select Custom, then enter the dimensions and note the resulting image size in the right-hand corner of the window. Click Print.

infraview print custom

There are online services you can use, too. A popular option is PassportPhoto4You, which autodetects your country. Select a photo from your local drive, then click upload.

The site uses Flash, so if it’s disabled, you will need to enable it to adjust the photo, such as cropping, adjust brightness, and contrast. When you are done, click Make Photo.

make passport photo

You will have to wait about 90 seconds before you can download your photo.

passport completed


There you have it, several easy ways to print your very own passport-size photos. This will certainly save you a few bucks compared to going into a drugstore or a photo center to take your pictures. Just be sure you follow all the applicable guidelines for taking your passport photos —don’t wear sunglasses, headphones, or anything else that would get a photo rejected, and make sure it’s the correct size.

DIY passport photos are certainly achievable with Windows 10 native applications, but as you can see, third-party options give you more flexibility and features.

Do you take your own passport photos? Share your tips in the comments below.



  1. KeithF

    Check before starting – the example (yourself) would not be suitable for use in the UK – the rules include “taken against a plain cream or light grey background”

    • Steve Krause

      Thanks for the FYI Keith and yes – each person should check with your local country requirements prior to creating your own photo. The photo above was just an example.

    • Daniela

      And no smile :) a neutral facial expression is required. However, you can’t wipe a person’s smile off the picture, but you can change the photo background. For example, Passport Photo Maker software will allow you to do it. Besides, it has an auto crop tool for all the ID photos. You’ll find photo templates ( according to the newest state requirements) for most countries there and prepare your photos with no need to leave home.

      • Diana

        Thank you! I like Passport Photo Maker, too but IrfanView looks good! Gotta try it too.

  2. Harris

    1. US passport requires a 2×2 photo. Wallet size is 2.5×3.5

    2. re-sizing by pixels is not very helpful. I don’t know how many pixels is equal to 2 inches.

  3. Alison S

    Wallet size is also not correct for a UK passport. It is hard to use photo software to change the photo to the correct size for printing, but the easy way to do it is to import the image into a Word document, change the size in Word and print the page.

  4. L W

    Thank you for the tip on Irfanview. That was very helpful.

  5. Gerry Conroy

    Thank you! IrfanView is just what I’ve been needing.
    Warm regards, Gerry

  6. Jay

    Thank you for the assistance, I was pulling hair uggh, lol.

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