NVIDIA Dual Chip GPU Soon To Be Released

Rumors - Nvidia Plan Announcing Dual Graphics Processor GPUNVIDIA is obviously looking to earn back their head position in the market and they won’t stop at anything to accomplish this task. The newest rumors say NVIDIA is set to unveil their latest graphical beast, the GTX590 in February.  The card will include two graphical processors on one plate.  This is not a bad time to mention that the last similar product released from NVIDIA(the GTX 295) hardly gained any success due to its huge energy consumption and price.

This time however with the new 40 NM GF110 cores, it should allow the company to bring together 1024 CUDA processors, a 2 x 384 bit interface for the memory and 3GB of GDDR5 vRAM.   Though the price will probably still be a little too high.  Just to keep things interesting however,  NVIDIA’s chief rival AMD is also rumored to be preparing a similar product known as the ATI Radeon 6990 (a.k.a. Antilles), which will offer 3072 Stream processors and a mind-numbing 4GB of vRAM.

Overall, we have yet to see an end to the huge clash (and competitive price drops) of the video card titans that are ATI and NVIDIA; so the better dual chip GPU could decide the winner.

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