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Groovy Google Updates, News, Downloads, and TipsGoogle is putting the pedal to the metal, and that metal is Chrome.  With a JavaScript engine dubbed “V8” how could it not be fast?  The benchmarks are in and it’s beating out all of the competition.

While Microsoft may be working on an IE9 preview, Google is already stepping up to the plate with a full on Chrome Beta 5.  It’s proving to be faster than any other browser, although the less popular Opera is trailing close behind.  Take a look at the official SunSpider JavaScript benchmark results below.  Oh and things aren’t looking too good for IE8…

google chrome is faster than all other browsers

Google Chrome isn’t just built for JavaScript speed however, it also has great HTML5 support, Geo-location API’s, file drag-and-drop, and many other features we hope to cover upon release.  While the Chrome beta may not sound that interesting to many, Google has made a Google Chrome Speed Test video that is extremely groovy.  If you like Myth-busters you need to check out the video below and hang on to your hat.


And here we go with the final video of Google’s Speed Test – Chrome VS. Potato, Chrome VS. Sound Waves and Chrome VS. Lightning!

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  1. shockersh

    That video is awesome lol… made me to and watch the final product.

    Love the tesla coil.

  2. goLfie

    I remember making potato cannons when I was a kid, never would have thought you could use one to measure browser speed.

  3. iKlsR

    way cool… awesome post! the videos are pure genius!

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