MapQuest App for Android Brings Turn-By-Turn Voiced Navigation

Mapquest for Android includes voice guided turn navigationLooking for a Google Maps alternative?  MapQuest for Android is now available as of this morning and it packs quite a few features, including voice-guided turn-by-turn  navigation.  The Android app comes completely free and is available in the Android market, so setup is easy – just make sure you have built-in GPS on your phone!


You remember MapQuest, right?  It was that website that we all used to use for directions before Google Maps became popular.  While I love Google Maps on the web, I’m not a huge fan of the Google Maps app; especially with it’s incessant pressuring for me to join Latitude for “check-ins.” With that said, the MapQuest app gets the job done and doesn’t have annoying services tacked on.  It also doesn’t ask for a ridiculous amount of permissions – just what it needs.  In case your wondering, MapQuest is owned by Aol.

mapquest support for international maps better than Google

Like the Google Maps app, MapQuest allows Voice input for performing searches.  If you get lost, it will automatically adjust your route to give you the fastest detour.  If you need to know traffic conditions, it gives you those as well.  One area where MapQuest excels and Google doesn’t is with international maps, and apparently it works better in areas like Puerto Rico. I think this is mostly due to the fact that MapQuest supports the OpenStreetMap project.

MapQuest for Android app, overviewMapquest for android app navigation

The voice-guided directions in the app work effectively, if your device supports it properly.  On my Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G I didn’t have any problem, but some of the users in the Market have been dishing out negative reviews because they can’t get it to work on their device.  Overall the app isn’t yet on par with Google’s mapping ability, but if all you need to do is get from point A to point B then MapQuest will fit your needs; given that it can find your destination of course…

Download the MapQuest app for Android via the Android Market.

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