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google docs mobile

Google Docs has gone mobile.  Well, not yet – but they’ve said we’re only days away.  Yup, this week is just full of mobile surprises from Google (apparently it is also a good week to own an iPhone.)  Soon you’ll be to edit Google Docs on your iOS, or Android device.  But, don’t let me spoil all the fun – check out the groovy video Google made for the announcement after the jump.

When Google Product Manager, Jonathan Rochelle, announced the new version of Google Docs last April, the request for a mobile edition almost drowned out the feedback boards.  With that said this new announcement is a pretty big deal.  All iOS users who are running version 3.0 or higher will have access to Google Docs Mobile, and at this point that pretty much includes ALL iOS users.  For Android the story is a little different, the new mobile version of Google Docs is only rolling out to all Froyo (version 2.2) devices.  Many Android phones still aren’t running Froyo, so there’s quite a few people left out.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jose

    its nice what Google does make easy for us i used in my iPhone thanks groovy for the post .

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