How to Mute Keywords, Users and Hashtags on Twitter

Tired of seeing movie spoilers, trending topics, and other subjects clogging your Twitter feed? Here’s how to mute them.

Twitter is great for relaying your message and connecting with others. But it also contains a ton of noise. A plethora of opinions and subject matter that clogs up your feed. It’s also a source of spoilers for movies and shows or results of a sporting event. Luckily there is a platform-level way to mute certain topics

In addition to spoilers, there are other reasons you might want to mute something. Maybe you don’t care about whatever trending topic everyone is going nuts about. Or, someone you follow is ranting about something and you don’t want to block them, but at least get a break. Whatever the case, here’s how to mute keywords, users, hashtags and subject matter from your Twitter timeline and notifications.

Block Keywords and Hashtags from Your Twitter Timeline

Launch Twitter and head to Settings > Notifications > Muted > Muted words. Or, to make things easier just head to the following link:

Here is where you can add words to mute. Just click or tap the “+” icon at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Next, enter the subject matter you don’t want to appear on your timeline. Here you can also mute a single word, an entire phrase, a hashtag, or someone’s Twitter handle. For example, here I don’t want to see spoilers for the new Star Wars movie.

You can also choose where to mute the item from; including your timeline and notifications. Select how long you want the word, phrase, user, or hashtag muted under the “Mute timing” section. You can choose from 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or Forever. When you finish, click Save.

It’s also important to note that once you mute something on the Twitter platform level, it mutes it across other platforms and apps, too.

Streamline Twitter Feed

This is a great way to streamline your feed. It allows you to just get the information that you care about the most. Muting keywords, users, and hashtags can get rid of the extra noise that you don’t need or want to see. It reduces the amount of and scrolling you go through every day. And removes subjects and tweets that you might get distracted by.

In the case of entertainment, it’s not just about hearing about the plot and important characters being killed off. It’s about being swayed one way or another by reviews and opinions about the content.

Muting keywords, hashtags, and even certain users from your timeline allows you to have a better Twitter experience. And you’ll get less annoying notifications that aren’t important and just a distraction.

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