List of Free Anti-Virus Security Software for Windows 7

Windows 7 Logo :: groovyPost.comWith all the Black Friday, Black Monday, Xmas Shopping, etc., etc., etc. being completed, I figure some you probably have new Windows 7 PCs you bought/received this holiday season. If yes, then you have probably already discovered loads of crapware trial software that PC manufacturers like to bundle on new PCs.

One of the most notorious software bundles on new PCs is a Trial version of an Anti-Virus package.  Rather than sending McAfee or Norton $50 – $100 bucks, take a look at the FREE alternatives below.

Microsoft Security Essentials is Very Groovy and FREE!

imageWe’ve offering quite a bit here on groovyPost, so it’s only fitting I list it first in my options for Free Anti-Virus software.  Back in October Microsoft released their FREE anti-virus solution. Since then, it’s received some really good press and high rankings from independent AV/Malware Test labs; #1 in fact for FREE AV Products.  I highly recommend it, and yes, it’s the AV I have installed on all my PC’s.

Honestly, Microsoft hit a home run with this guy.  I probably could have made this article a lot shorter by just listing Security Essentials.  It’s that good.  If you’re looking for alternatives to Microsoft however, I’ve listed a few more below.

[Microsoft Security Essentials Download Link]


A List of Anti-Virus Programs Compatible With Windows 7


AVG Free Edition is a popular choice and is working great with Windows 7!  Microsoft has certified it as officially compatible.

[AVG Free Edition Download Link]

avira antivir for windows 7

Avira Antivir offers a free anti-virus software that is working and compatible with Windows 7.  Microsoft hasn’t officially certified this one, , it works just fine.

[Avira Antvir Download Link]


Kaspersky Lab antivirus for windows 7Kaspersky is another paid anti-virus, which recently gave away 1-year subscriptions during the Windows 7 launch.  It runs great with 7 and offers adequate protection.

[Kapersky Download Link]



Avast! AntiVirus (Home Edition) is another Free AV product which has received good marks.  Free is good so don’t hesitate to give it a whirl.

[Avast Download Link]


Commercial Products (Not Free)

With the Free options out there, I’m reluctant to even list the commercial products.  That being said here’s a couple I’ve used in the past that appear to be fully Windows 7 compliant.


imageESET, while being a paid anti-virus it still proves to be the best solution for “resource-light” protection.  ESET does offer a 30-day free trial and is completely compatible with Windows 7.

[Eset Download Link]


Symantec Norton antivirus for windows 7

Norton has made the list again this year, proving to be one of the oldest Anti-virus systems still around.  [Norton Link]



Trend Micro has always been one of my favorite choices in the past, but it’s hard to recommend now with the emergence of Microsoft’s Free AV Offering. However, if you’re a die-hard Trend customer, you will be happy to know they have a working Windows 7 Product.

Additionally, if all you need is a look under the hood, Trend Micro does provide A free scan from its application.  It now supports all version of Windows 7 (Including x64), XP and Vista.  It comes in handy if you’re in a pinch.

Think your PC is infected? HouseCall can quickly identify and fix a wide range of threats including viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware. It is now faster, more powerful and browser independent!

[Trend Link]


Did we miss your favorite?  Have you used one of these products or perhaps you have experience with their customer support?  Tell us about it in the comments!



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