How To Lock Apps and Functions in Android with App Lock

App Lock for Android gives you an extra layer of security to lock down specific apps and other functions on your tablet or smartphone.

Sharing is a good thing – but that’s not entirely true for smartphones. The contents of your device may not always be something you want anyone to see, be it your child or a close friend. App Lock for Android restricts access to specified apps on your phone by locking them with a pin code or pattern. This added security is great for parents with small children, or simply anyone who wants to limit access to their device. Here’s how to lock your apps and other phone features.

You’ll need to install App Lock from the Play Store. It’s free.

When you first open the app, asks you for a PIN code right away. Enter at least four numbers and tap OK.

app lock first pin

On the next screen, you’re asked for a security question, answer and hint. Enter a question that you are sure to remember the answer to. This will be asked in case you forget your code.

app lock question

You will now see a list of all installed apps on your device. Tap on the toggle buttons on the right side of the app you want to lock.

app lock app list

If you want more functions locked, tap Advanced on the top of the screen. This shows you general phone functions like installing and uninstalling apps in Google Play and answering phone calls.

app lock advanced

If you want to change the locking type, tap Unlock setting from the menu bar on the bottom. On the next screen, tap Pattern Lock.

app lock pattern

Enter the pattern you want to set on the next two screens.

app lock pattern new

Once done, you can add more options for the lock settings. Making a pattern visible leaves traces as you move your finger to form the pattern, so you can uncheck this option if you don’t want that to happen.

app lock pattern options

Hit the Back key to exit and try opening a locked app. You’ll get a similar prompt like the one below. Enter your PIN code or pattern to start using the app.

app lock google play

Congratulations! Now you can get more privacy while still showing off your Android device. Remember that this app locks the entire app, and cannot be set for specific files or folders.



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  2. Sanaa

    Does LEO Privacy Guard give privacy alerts so that i kept informed of my phone safety?

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