How to Install Google Chrome Themes on Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome isn’t the only browser to get the Theme changing fun. You can also install Chrome Themes on Edge. Here’s how.

The new Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium which means Google Chrome and Edge are able to share some qualities. One of which is the ability to install Chrome themes. Here’s a look at how to install Chrome themes in Microsoft Edge.

Install Google Chrome Themes in Edge

To get started, first launch the Microsoft Edge browser. Then type in the following path in the address bar:


Then change “Allow installation of external store themes” from Default to Enabled.

Edge Chrome Themes

For the changes to go into effect you will need to restart the browser. Click the Restart button that appears at the bottom when you change the flag.

Now that you have changed the flag and restarted the browser it’s time to start installing themes. To get started, head to the Chrome Web Store Theme page. When you get there, you will see a banner notification alert. It states, “You can now add extensions from the Chrome Web Store to Microsoft Edge – Click on ‘Add to Chrome’. You can simply hit the X to close out of the notification.

Note that if you don’t have extensions from other stores enabled already, you may get a button on the banner. If so, click the “Allow extensions from other stores” button.

Chrome web store themes

After you browse through the massive selection of different themes click on the one you want to change the Edge browser to. On the following page click the “Add to Chrome” button.

 add to chrome

That’s all there is to it. The new theme will install on Microsoft Edge. For example, in the shot below I installed the Slate theme to Edge.

SLate theme edge

Uninstall Google Chrome Themes

If you no longer want a theme and want to go back to the original default theme you can. Simply go to Settings > Appearance and under the Custom theme section click the Remove button.

6 Remove Custom Theme

As previously mentioned, several features blanket both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Another important one is the ability to install Chrome extensions in Edge.

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