Personalize Google Chrome with Themes

Themes for Google Chrome

One of my favorite things about Windows has always been how you can change around the color scheme and apply new themes.  Google Chrome also has this feature and dozens of pre-built themes for you to apply.  All it takes is you, picking out which theme you want, and then applying it.  It can’t get much more simple than that can it?


The Google team has created multiple themes for Chrome, and personally I like theirs the best.  They’ve got everything from a Baseball theme to a Starry-Night landscape.

Pick up the Official Google Themes here.

Additionally, if you want some trendier themes Google offers up “Themes by Artists.”

Once you Click Apply theme below a theme Google will instantly set your new theme. No restart required!  If you want to undo the theme change, just Click undo to go back to your previous one.

What’s your favorite Chrome theme? Or, do you prefer the classic look?

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