How to Add Rich Text Email Signatures on Gmail


Last week you might have started receiving emails from Gmail users with fancy new signatures at the bottom. Yes? Well, this is thanks to the Gmail team’s latest upgrade – Rich Text Signatures. 

What is a rich text signature?

Before the update, Gmail users had only plain-text formatted signatures. This setting meant that you couldn’t customize any part of the signature except for the text characters that it contained. With rich text signatures, you can change the color, size, and font of the text. You can also add images, links, and formatting.

If you’re using the latest desktop browser version of Gmail, you can edit and send messages with rich text signatures. Unfortunately, there is no support yet for mobile users or the old HTML-only versions of Gmail.

How To Add A Rich Text Signature To Gmail Email Messages

Click the Settings link and then click the General tab.

access gmail general settings

Halfway down the General settings page, you’ll find the Signature area. The new rich text editor will show up right in the settings window, and you can fully edit your signature here.

gmail with rich text signatures and images

That’s all there is to it!  It’s just like writing a mini email that gets included at the foot of every message you send out from Gmail.



  1. AJDS34

    Does not seem to be enabled for Google Apps Premier Yet. Anyone no when we should see the update?

    • AtakanBey

      I just tried, it seems to be enabled for Apps Premier. Finally!

      • MrGroove

        Ah very nice. Thanks for the FYI. Will have to go check it out.

        BTW – What do you think of Google Apps Premier overall? Are you using it at work? Were you an Office shop previously?

        • AtakanBey

          Yes, I do use it for work. I have it set up for clients as well. Outlook Connector works nicely. I really like postini, probably the best antispam out there.

          • MrGroove

            Good to know. At work (my real job) we still have Microsoft Exchange “On-Prem” however we have been looking at going to Google Apps or the Microsoft solution BPOS. The price points are getting so low at this point it doesn’t make sense to host it anymore.

            Postini…. Yeah that was a REALLY good acquisition by Google. At the time they were the Market leader and I’m sure Google is only making it better. Today (at work) were using MessageLabs and we have been a happy customer for the last 2 years with it. We get about 1 million emails a day globally and SPAM is just about non-existent now. That being said, I’m going to get Postini is just as good if not better and for just $4 a month per user… hard to beat when you consider your also getting email. ;)

      • AJDS34

        How do you add a company logo? When I click on the insert picture it asks for w web url?

        • AtakanBey

          i link it to the logo located on my website, but if you don’t have one, use imageshack or tinypic.

          • MrGroove

            You could also just park the logo on your corporate website somewhere and link to it.. Or… I wonder if you could just park it in your Google Docs site and link to it.. I bet you can do it! Will have to play with that one.

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