How to Make your Android Phone Speak Incoming CallerID Numbers or Names


Android has a feature that will read the ID of your incoming calls to you out loud. Let’s enable it.

Enable Android text-to-voice CallerIDSome people set up custom ringtones for contacts they frequently talk to. But, that takes valuable time and what if you receive too many calls from too many numbers to worry about that? Android has a groovy feature that will read the ID of your incoming calls to you out loud. Let’s enable it.

Editor Note: This article was written several years ago with an old version of Android. These steps may not work with modern versions. Another option to get this ability is to install a Caller ID app from Google Play. If you have a favorite, let us know in the comment section below.

Step 1

Open your phone Settings.  This can be done from the menu button on the outside of your phone*, or by launching the app from the App Drawer.

*Must be on your Home Screen in order to access settings this way.

android settings from app drawerimageAndroid settings from external menu button

Step 2

On the settings menu, Tap Text-to-speech.

android text-to-speech menu

Step 3

On the next screen, Tap to Check the box next to Speak incoming CallerID.

enable voiced callerID


Now when someone calls you your phone will read their name or number to you out loud.  This comes in real handy if you don’t have time to look at the front of the phone before deciding to answer it.  For me, I find it most useful when I’m riding a bike or driving down a busy road.

Do you find the text-to-speech hard to understand? You can also adjust the speed (rate) at which the text is read, or even change the language to Spanish!



  1. dw96

    Awesome article! I have had this on my old phones and my current one as well and it comes in real handy sometimes! :)

    • MrGroove

      Hey – I like the new Gravatar Icon DW ;)

  2. EdwardA

    I’ve got the Droid X from Motorola, and the Caller ID Talking Caller ID feature is in a completely different place.

    From Settings select ‘Call settings’
    Select ‘Caller ID Readout’
    Select from three choices – Ring Only, Caller ID then Ring, Caller ID Repeat

    Hopefully this helps someone find it on their phone if different then the example above :)

    • grooveDexter

      @EdwardA, Good point – Android phones seem to vary a bit due to manufacturer tweaks. i.e. a Motorola phone will have a different interface than a Samsung or HTC model, despite running the same operating system.
      It’s really annoying, and probably my biggest complaint about Android; the lack of consistency due to manufacturer’s messing with it.

      • MrGroove

        That’s kinda the point with Android isn’t it? Google gives it away and each HW vendor is able to take it, tweak it and make it their own. Hey – if you want consistency with no personality flare, buy an iPhone. ;)

        • grooveDexter

          @MrGroove, or a Nexus phone! (which I will not make the mistake of passing up on again)

    • Amber

      I have the Moto G Stylus 5G. On this phone, you go to:

      Settings > Accessibility > Text-To-Speech Output.


  3. jai rawat

    my phone Panasonic eluga A do not have this feature anywhere.

  4. Camille

    My android phone doesn’t have the ” speak incoming caller id” option. What do I do?


      It is awesome i need this because it can be useful to me very much

  5. Bill K

    This does not work on a Galaxy S-5.

  6. Gaurav

    Notwork in moto g3

  7. Alin

    Hi. When i use headphone, i need to hear caller name from my headphone. Unfortunately i do not know how set it. Thank you

  8. Taylor

    Yes it does. Enable priority senders and use the text message given with thw phone. Add the ones you want. Or download an app they usually work

  9. wu

    I have Cyanogen cell. If callers are not on my list, Callers’ numbers will never display, so I cannot call back if I miss out calls. How to display callers’ numbers?

  10. Will Lyons

    Can not get this on the samsung s6 just not there

  11. Jim Slaughter

    I have a Droid Maxx2 and none of the settings you mention in these posts are on my phone. What should i do?

  12. Boon

    I have a LEeco LE 2.
    I can’t find any caller ID or Text speech Out option in my smartphone.
    It has EUI OS.

  13. jane

    so since this is not available on Galaxy 7, which app works the best?

  14. Maxwell Morgan

    On my phone it only has talk to speak output nothing about input where I hear people calling and I have a Verizon LG android phone any ideas how to change that

  15. Lee

    Can’t find this setting in Huawei P20 Pro too. Please help

  16. Lynn Blake

    moto g6 does not have what you had; and i do not hear call from (name) on any headset. i have the motorola h730 and it says only (call on phone 1); the motorola boom 2 says (call from 1 + number) i need to hear: CALL FROM NAME (from my contacts) help me out i need to set this. motorola support could not help me because the phone needs to have A2DP on it. my motorola w755 phones does have voice caller id readout and i can get it on these headsets. i need to hear this on my headsets from this phone.

  17. Helen

    I have a Lg Stylo4 and cannot find how to set it up it does not show the text to speach in settings any suggestions

  18. mike

    we have 3 phones, and this procedure does not work on any, but it used to before some so-called “update”. Who in hell is responsible for taking away this useful and necessary safety feature that used to be standard on smart phones?.
    Taking away the caller id readout safety feature was actually a very evil thing to do.

    • Chuck Hansen

      Agreed – do you know what cheap 4g Volte phones have this feature?

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