How to Connect Your iPhone or iPod With Windows 7 Via Bluetooth

Previously we’ve talked about how to sync up Bluetooth devices to Windows 7, but we haven’t talked much about how to do it with iOS.  Today we’ll cover a brief walkthrough of setting up a Bluetooth connection between an iPhone or iPod Touch and a computer running Windows 7.  There is a handy remote control feature to try out once connected, and even more features – if you have performed a jailbreak on your device.

Step 1 (from your iPhone or iPod)

Tap the Settings app from your home screen.  Our end destination is going to be:

Settings > General > Bluetooth

Once in Bluetooth, Tap the switch to set it to on.  Your device should now be discoverable by your computer.

iphone settings appiphone general settingsiphone bluetooth settingsiphone bluetooth on and discoverable

Step 2 (from your Windows computer)

Click the Start menu orb and type bluetooth into the search box.  From the list of Control Panel results, Click Add a Bluetooth device.

A new window should pop-up, and in the middle of the window will be a white box where your iPhone or iPod should appear.  Select your device and then Click Next.

Important:  Before you Click Next, make sure that your iPhone’s screen is unlocked (and not in sleep mode.)

iphone bluetooth on and discoverableconnect to a discoverable device

Step 3

Now there are two possible scenarios – depending upon how your computer’s Bluetooth software is setup.  I’ve labeled these 1 and 2.

Important: Once you start pairing you have about 25 seconds to complete or the process will time-out, and you will have to start over.

Scenario 1 –  You’ll be prompted with three different pairing options.  Choose Create a pairing code for me.  The window will then change to display a 6-8 digit pairing code.

create a bluetooth pairing code for mea bluetooth pairing code in windows 7

An Enter-pin dialog should pop-up on your iPhone.  Just Tap in the code displayed on your computer, and then Press the Pair button.

pair iOS to windows 7 via pairing code

Scenario 2 –  If the above first scenario didn’t show up for you, then this one will.  Your computer should automatically generate a pin, and then on your iPhone, you should have a small Push notification alerting you that it is trying to connect.  Just Select Yes and Click Next on your computer.

At the same time, Tap Pair on your iPhone.

pair bluetooth to iphonepair iphone and windows


Your computer and your iPhone or iPod Touch should now be paired via Bluetooth.  Now you can use your computer to control or play songs from your device.  If you go to the system tray’s garage, it should now have a little remote control icon for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  With the remote control, you can stop or play songs, switch between them, and control volume.

iphone bluetooth remote controlipod control via windows computer

On your iPhone, you can select where you want the music to be played.  Just go to a currently playing song or track and Click the down-arrow icon to make source options appear.

select ipod sound output device

Overall the process was pretty simple, and the results are somewhat groovy.  Unfortunately, Apple has locked down the device, and there isn’t much more you can do over Bluetooth.  But, if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone then there is a whole new bag of features to explore over Bluetooth, even internet tethering.



  1. Marsh

    This method works fine to a point for both my iPod touch and iPhone 4. In both cases Windows 7 is unsuccessful at installing the drivers for the devices. :^(

    • Nigel

      How do I get the drivers for windows 7 for iphone4 please

    • arthur

      Same for me. No drivers seem to be available?

      • Harison

        I just connected my device and my laptop found the drivers by it self

  2. Typheus

    Question, what happens if you can’t even get to step 3 to create a code? I get an “authentication” error after about 2 minutes of “pairing.”

    • baback

      @Typheus : I have same problem!

    • Mc Hart

      Then check if you have disabled “Restrictions”. You will not be able to add new devices or allow new apps to use connections unless you disabled this function. After adding the device or allow your new apps to use connections like GPS or bluetooth or whatever you can enable restrictions again.

      • crbrtsn

        What restrictions are you talking about? On my ipod touch or on my pc? How do i enable or disable these restrictions

  3. Sebas

    in step 2 my ipod does not apear at all. It sayes that it is searching

  4. Ben

    I want to be able to play or pause music on my iPhone from Windows. I followed the steps you listed and experienced Scenario 2. Now Windows can see my iPhone 4S, but the iPhone still says “Not Connected” on the bluetooth settings page. If I tap on my PC on that settings page, I get an error that says my PC is not supported and the only option I have is to “Forget Device”, which I think is the name of a Cee Lo song.
    I don’t understand where the remote control app comes from. Is this part of Windows 7? What is a “system tray garage”? Is it the same as the “system tray”? How do I get to the system tray garage to enable the remote control icon you show in your screenshots?


  5. loiuy

    No drivers seem to be available. Where drivers?

  6. Steve

    Is there a way to use the phone function over bluetooth? i have seen some sites where they talk about it but i cant get it to work.

  7. mostafa

    Thanks, Good Job.

  8. mostafa

    Now you can use ipod touch as a mouse. using WeBe.

  9. Albik

    Did anybody try use computer for calls from iPhone 4s through bluetooth? I cannot find any settings how to configure computer and make calls from computer speakers / regular computer headset :-(

    Any advice or help? (I don’t want jailbrake )


    • Sal

      I can tell that you don’t know what you’re talking about. 1. It’s jailbreak. 2. Why don’t you want to jailbreak? There are no risks, but there are plenty of benefits. Unless of course you’re a noob where in that case you can corrupt your iphone and require a restore. ;)

      • Mc Hart

        On the one hand jailbraking your iPhone can be very useful, that’s true. But on the other hand you really have to be careful with what tweaks you install. Many tweaks are supposed to change settings that are normally not changeable – for a good reason.
        Changing those settings is in most cases not useful but just for fun (like rearrange the icons in your status bar on top) but can end up in a system that won’t work well anymore. Since my iPhone was jailbroken it used to crash really often.
        Another risk is that those tweaks can slow down your system and finally leed to memory problems making the system break down. (I experienced both).

        In the end you have to decide on your own, if you want jailbrake your iPhone or not.
        As I already mentioned you can have great fun with tweaks as long as you know what’s good to have and what’s not. I would recommend to install tweaks you really
        like or need only. Also mind that there are some malicious apps/tweaks in the extended store Cydia (if you use to add dubious sources).

        So if you’re a noob or not – you need to stay skeptical
        if you want to keep your system running in a comfortable way.

  10. Jocelyne Hazel Ibarra

    thank you so much!!!!!!

  11. Drivers?

    Where do you get the drivers for Windows 7? Windows Update does not provide anything… This is pointless otherwise…no?

  12. Gunzo

    Same shit here. It takes forever until the PC shows that there is an iPhone nearby. Hit “Next”, wait forever again. Sometimes I get an ID code on the iPhone, but that is a rare case. If I get the ID code and accept it I get some strange error codes, and that’s it.

    When will the war between Apple and MS ever end? This sucks since decades.

  13. Gunzo

    Oh, wait… I just searched for a solution:

    It is impossible to do this. Sending and receiving files through Bluetooth IS NOT A FEATURE of iPhones.

    Welcome to Apple’s jail…

  14. JimD

    Just plug the iPhone USB cable (the one you use for charging) into your PC. USB is way faster than Bluetooth for file transfers.

  15. Muhammad Haroon

    Hey, I turned on the Bluetooth on both of the devices but windows 7 doesn’t detect my iPod touch 5g.
    Need help.

  16. romex

    I guess, we should forget Microsoft with all their bullshits and migrate to Apple. These idiots in Microsoft still believe that they will survive when ignore what the people like, It is sad, but it is a reality.

    • traxxion

      Its your Apple device which is to blame, not Windows. Just like an Apple user to throw a hissy fit because someone else is not willing to fix their garbage Apple device. Imagine only being able to control audio playback over Bluetooth – how pathetic!

  17. Marathoner262

    Same issue here. Win7 doesn’t install the driver(s) for a Bluetooth Peripheral Device. Any suggestions on where to find a downloadable executable to complete a Bluetooth installation?

  18. slippery

    im curious why apple uses pc boards ,hmmmm

  19. Maddy

    I never got this to work, it made no sense to me. And my phone never showed up on my computer’s screen, and I never found a botton saying add Bluetooth device on either device!

  20. dee

    My computer sees my speakers and the blackberry phone.. but not my iphone, which is discoverable.

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