How-To Block People from Tagging your Face on Facebook Photos

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that Privacy is a hot button for me especially when it comes to how social media sites store, use and share personal data.  So when one of my groovyReaders asked a few questions about Facebook, I decided it was time to start writing more groovyPost’s on how-to improve privacy a bit on Facebook.

To kick things off, earlier in the week I answered a question from a groovyReader and explained .  Today I’ll answer the second part of his question and review how to block people from tagging you in photos.  This subject is near and dear to my heart as I’ve talked about Facial Tagging in the past on Google Picasa Web.  Needless to say, I’m not a fan for obvious privacy reasons.  Now that Facebook has introduced Facial Recognition and Tagging, if you’re a privacy guy like me, I suggest following the steps below to minimize the privacy impact if someone starts uploading photos of you and your family to Facebook and begins tagging your faces.

A few things you should be aware of before we start this How-To groovyPost.

  1. This How-To will only limit who can see your name in Photos when someone tags you as it’s not possible to prevent people from uploading pictures of you and your family and then tagging your faces with your name.  Sorry…
  2. If your looking to remove photos of you from Facebook that you didn’t upload, you will need to ask the person who uploaded them to delete them or ask Facebook to delete the photos.  I’ll cover this topic in a future groovyPost.
  3. Facebook has another annoying feature you should read about.  Essentially it will analyze the faces in photos your friends upload and suggest your name if Facebook recognizes you.  I’ve written a groovyPost which explains how to disable facial tagging suggestions so take a look as it’s only a few clicks.

How-To Block People from Tagging your Face on Facebook Photos and Limit who can see them.

Step 1

Login to Facebook and Click Accounts, Privacy Settings

how to access facebook privacy menu settings

Step 2

Click Customize Settings

customize facebook privacy settings button

Step 3

Scroll-Down to the Things others share section and Click Edit Settings

facebook privacion options menu

Step 4

Click Down Arrow on option box (as shown below) and Click Edit

facial tagging options menu

Step 5

Click the Down Arrow and Click Only MeClick Save Settings (obviously) to save everything.

Make photos visible to only you if your in them

That’s pretty much it however, while you’re here you might as well make a few more clicks and disable the Facebook facial tagging feature that analyzes photos uploaded by friends and suggests your name if it recognizes you.  It only takes a few minutes but it’s worth the time.

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1 Comment

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