How to Backup your Text Messages and Call Logs to Gmail Automatically


Here’s how to back up your texts and call logs to Gmail automatically on Android.

Dear MrGroove,

Today I accidentally deleted a really important Text message on my Android Mobile!  This was no ordinary text either.  It was a job offer that included the $$$ and a few other details about the job.  I had to call my new boss and explain what happened, looking like an idiot in the process…  In the future, is there an easy way to avoid this?

Signed, Mr. Clicky to fast…

Sorry to hear about this groovyReader. Deleting something blows. The good news is I have a simple fix that should help you and all our other readers if you ever run into this same scenario again. By following the simple steps below, we can backup not only your SMS text messages but also your call logs on your Android Mobile phone.

Note: For this How To I’m using SMS Backup+ on a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with Froyo, but it should work and look similar on other Android devices.

Step 1 – Download & Launch SMS Backup

The version I’m using, SMS Backup+, written by Jan Berkel (he’s Dutch!), can be found in the Android Market. Once you find SMS Backup, just install it like any other app and launch it.

Step 2 – Getting your text messages Call Logs to Gmail

After you have installed and launched SMS Backup+, there isn’t much you have to do.  After launch, you will see a status bar and two buttons Backup and Restore, and five options.  The settings are very simple and straightforward.

After you have gone through all the settings, go back to the start screen of the app and press the Backup button. Wait for it to finish and go to your Gmail account. If you kept the label’s standard, there would be two new folders in your Gmail, called SMS and Call Logs. In the SMS folder, you will find saved as an email every SMS text you’ve sent or received. The same goes for the Call Logs folder.  The Call Logs email will include in the subject the number, contact name, duration, and if it was an outgoing or incoming call.

Step 3 – Getting everything back

Getting everything back after you had a crash is even simpler than a backup.  Install the app again, make sure you have the right settings configured and your Gmail account is correct. Press the Restore button. There you go.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. marcelo

    April 15, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    I’ve tried several times to set up the imap server,I keep getting a message that either can’t connect to server or sms failure?

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