How to Hide the Favorites Bar in Chromium Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft’s new Chromium-powered Edge browser includes a Favorites bar for all your bookmarks. But sometimes you might want or need to hide it. Here’s how.

Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge web browser powered by Google’s Open Source Chromium engine. In fact, you can install the new Chromium-based Edge on Windows 10 right now (developer version). And as with all browsers, it does include a bar to display your bookmarks or “Favorites” as Microsoft calls them. It includes the regular features like the ability to create folders, rename and move the icons, and sync between browsers.

But sometimes you might want to hide it to get a better look at a site on a display with limited real estate. Or, you may want to hide bookmarks if someone else is viewing your screen. Whatever the reason, you can hide or show the bar on Chromium Edge. Here’s how.

Show or Hide the Favorites Bar on Chromium Edge

There are a couple of ways you can hide the Favorites bar. First, if you want to do it quickly, click the Options (three dots) button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then go to Favorites > Show favorites bar and there you can choose to always show it, never display it, or only have it display when you open new tabs.

The other way you can choose the behavior of the Favorites bar is by managing it in the browser’s settings. Click the Options (three dots) button in the upper-right corner and choose “Settings” from the menu.

Chromium Edge Settings

From the Settings screen, select “Appearance” in the left column. Under the “Customize browser” section, next to “Show favorites bar” choose one of the three options from the dropdown menu – Never, Always, or Only on new tabs.

Chromium Edge Settings Appearance

While you’d expect the Chromium-based Edge to be virtually identical to Google Chrome, Microsoft is putting its own touch on the browser. In fact, Microsoft has removed or replaced many of the Google services that come with Chromium. Here is the list the company showed in its BlinkOn Edge presentation of services it removed or replaced:

Removed Replaced Chromium Edge Features

We’ve been using the new version of Edge since the dev version became publicly available. And if you’re interested in using it or learning more, be sure to read our other coverage such as how to install extensions on Chromium Edge or our piece on using web apps on the new Edge.

While most users only use the current version of Edge on Windows 10 to download Google Chrome, this version of Chromium Edge is worth checking out – even in its early stages. Remember, this will be the new Microsoft Edge that is shipped with Windows 10 later this year. It will also be available for Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and macOS.

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