How to Request a Google+ (Plus) Invitation

imageYesterday Google publicly announced their new social network, Google Plus, and it is already in testing for a select few.  As is usual with Google, the product is in “beta” status and invites are limited.  If you want to get in on the testing and gain some bragging rights with your friends, you’ll need one of those coveted invites.  Although requesting an invite isn’t exactly rocket science, people have been encountering errors when using the sign-up tool.  If you follow our guide below, you shouldn’t have any problems.

[quote style=”boxed”]Update from MrGroove Closing Comments – Google updated the invite system. If you need an invite, read this new groovypost[/quote] [quote style=”boxed”]7/12/2011 Update Invites have been up and running for the past few days so if your looking for an update, just drop a comment in below and include your GMAIL address. If you get an invite from me, please continue to scan the comments section and help me invite other people as I don’t know if I’ll eventually run out of invites.?.?.? Thanks everyone.[/quote] [quote style=”boxed”]7/7/2011 Update Invites are closed again and per my update this morning: if you didn’t use your invite from me last night, it’s probably not going to let you in today.  Sorry…[/quote]

Google opened up invites again this evening and I went ahead and invited everyone who left a comment below.  Probably over 15 invites went out.  Your welcome!  😉

Step 1 – Sign into your Google Account

Use your favorite web browser (Chrome seems least likely to cause errors) to visit and login to your Google account using the new Sign in button at the top-right google bar (as I’m starting to call it).

Sign in to your Google Account


Step 2

Visit the following page which is where we will actually request the invite.  Put in your first name and email, and then Click Keep Me Posted.

Tip: Be careful not to also enter your last name on accident, it may cause the system to reject your request.

Sign up for a Google Plus account


If everything went through you’ll see a page displayed like the one below saying “Thank you. To get more information…” etc.  Now all you have to do is wait for Google to send you an invite.  It won’t be as quick as receiving a personal invite from a Google Employee, but it’s your best shot unless you have the internal connection.

Should you an encounter an error, clear your browser cache and then repeat the above steps.

Google plus invite confirmation

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