How to Request a Google+ (Plus) Invitation

imageYesterday Google publicly announced their new social network, Google Plus, and it is already in testing for a select few.  As is usual with Google, the product is in “beta” status and invites are limited.  If you want to get in on the testing and gain some bragging rights with your friends, you’ll need one of those coveted invites.  Although requesting an invite isn’t exactly rocket science, people have been encountering errors when using the sign-up tool.  If you follow our guide below, you shouldn’t have any problems.

[quote style=”boxed”]Update from MrGroove Closing Comments – Google updated the invite system. If you need an invite, read this new groovypost[/quote] [quote style=”boxed”]7/12/2011 Update Invites have been up and running for the past few days so if your looking for an update, just drop a comment in below and include your GMAIL address. If you get an invite from me, please continue to scan the comments section and help me invite other people as I don’t know if I’ll eventually run out of invites.?.?.? Thanks everyone.[/quote] [quote style=”boxed”]7/7/2011 Update Invites are closed again and per my update this morning: if you didn’t use your invite from me last night, it’s probably not going to let you in today.  Sorry…[/quote]

Google opened up invites again this evening and I went ahead and invited everyone who left a comment below.  Probably over 15 invites went out.  Your welcome!  ;)

Step 1 – Sign into your Google Account

Use your favorite web browser (Chrome seems least likely to cause errors) to visit and login to your Google account using the new Sign in button at the top-right google bar (as I’m starting to call it).

Sign in to your Google Account


Step 2

Visit the following page which is where we will actually request the invite.  Put in your first name and email, and then Click Keep Me Posted.

Tip: Be careful not to also enter your last name on accident, it may cause the system to reject your request.

Sign up for a Google Plus account


If everything went through you’ll see a page displayed like the one below saying “Thank you. To get more information…” etc.  Now all you have to do is wait for Google to send you an invite.  It won’t be as quick as receiving a personal invite from a Google Employee, but it’s your best shot unless you have the internal connection.

Should you an encounter an error, clear your browser cache and then repeat the above steps.

Google plus invite confirmation



  1. hector can some one plz invite me… PLZ!!

  2. Invites temporarily suspended, as posted by Googler Vic Gundotra.

    “We’ve shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way. Thank you all for your interest!

    For any who wish to leave, please remember you can always exit and take your data with you by using Google Takeout.

    It’s your data, your relationships, your identity.

    +Bradley Horowitz”

  3. Sam  

    Would love an invite., if you can spare one. Thanks.

  4. long hoang giang  

    would you like send me an intives, please.
    my email:

  5. Tina  

    Can anyone please send me the invite of google+? My id is . Thank you.

    • Tell ya what – I do have an account however Google turned off all the invites. As soon as I get the ability to invite ppl to the service however, I’ll invite everyone who requests one in this thread.

      • partysick  

        Do you know the workaround with the new circle and gmail ID?
        Would love to receive an invitation! ^_^


        • Alex  

          Please invite me :) . Thanx !

          • There ya go – Invite Sent!

          • Rock  

            Surely would like an invite.

          • Tim Kautsky  

            I would love to try out Google+ and will definitely help out with other posts if sent one.

            Thanks so much in advance. :D

      • hector   can i get an invite… would be great thanks

      • Glenn  

        Please spare me an invite

      • Ahmed  

        I would love to receive an invite ( Really appreciated! :)

        • Invite sent – you should be able to invite so plz keep an eye on this thread and send invites if ya can!

          • Ahmed  

            Steve .. You are the best! Thanks a lot for the invitation :)

            Guys, if you want an invitation on Google+ , please let me know on this thread.

          • Len Iwanski  

            I’d appreciate a Google+ invite. Thanks!

  6. Banane  

    would you like send me an intives, please.
    my email:

  7. Khara  

    I would love an invite please!!

  8. Alien  

    would you like send me an intives, please.
    my email:

  9. As of 7/6, anyone who asked for an invite just got one!

    • hector  

      i never got one =[

  10. Sam  

    Can I get a google+ invite please?

  11. Long
    i would love to receive an invites, please

  12. Yanni  

    pls get me invitation ::

  13. Chad  

    Hello. If invites are still open, I would love to receive one at

    Thank you!

  14. Saul  

    I have tirelessly been hunting an invite, please help

  15. Raymond  

    Any more invites left? Thanx

    yyray1 AT gmail NOSPAM DOT com

  16. Arthur  

    Please send me an invite when the service starts again.

  17. Mark Bolton  

    Good net citizen looking for a G+ invite, please.

  18. Mark Bolton  

    Good net citizen =

  19. John J  

    I would love an invite. Thanks in advance!

  20. I’d love to have one, as soon as they open up the service again.


  21. I think I invited everyone as of 7/8. Have fun!

  22. marc
    invite me please :(

  23. Would love an invite to Google+ too :) thx a bunch!

  24. There ya all go! As of 7/9 – Everyone who posted here should have an invite waiting for them.


  25. TRJ  

    I’d like an invite….are they open again?

    • @TRJ – Done. Invite sent. You will need to create a Google Account to login.

  26. please invite me also.. I am subscribed to your email notifications list and I visit your site all the time..

    please! Thank you in advance..:)

    • @Lance – there ya go! Welcome to G+

  27. Oper  

    will be great if you syill has some available,

    JJCOSME (at gmail)

    Thank in advanced

  28. Tristan Vogt  

    If they open again, I’d love an invite to check it out!

  29. Agir  

    I’d like an invite, thanks…


  30. ramavatar  

    some1 pls send me a request from google+

    • Long  

      sent you an invite

  31. shaibgt  

    please send me a google+ invitation?

  32. shaibgt  

    please send me a google+ invitation?

  33. Chad  

    Could anyone please spare an invite. My gmail is



    • Long  

      already google+ member

  34. Margey  

    groove can u send me a invite on please…thanks man in advance

    • Invite Sent – As thanks, would appreciate if you could watch the comments here for others who need invites.

  35. Would be great if anyone here could invite me as well:

    THANKS in advance!

    best regards,

    • Invited! As a thank-you, feel free to shoot invites to other here in the comments section who still need them. ;)

    • Jaclyn  

      I would sincerely appreciate an invite – you’re so kind to do this for people!

      • Invite sent – you should be able to invite ppl now so plz help out here in the comments if you can. ;)

        • Ram  

          Love to have one G+. Someone please invite.


          • @Ram – there ya go – invite sent. If you get a chance, plz keep an eye on the comments here and send invites when you get your account setup!


  36. anil kumar  

    I ‘ve searched all over internet couldnt find one who really send invites. glad to know you’ve invited few. can you send me one please..

    • Ahmed  

      Google+ Invitation is sent.

  37. Allex Radu  

    It sound like a awful lot to do for a free invite. Wouldn’t like me to do your laundry too.

    Why not giving them for free without something to do in return, I will give you an email to spam if you want.

    • Ahmed  

      We are inviting guys here for free, and sure we ask them for nothing in return :)

  38. anil kumar  

    thank you so much ahmed and steve

  39. faak  

    pls invite me…..

    faak630 @

  40. rafal  

    want one too!

    rafal.zak [at]

    • @Rafal- there ya go – invite sent.

      • rafal  

        MrGroove, cheers!

        I too have invites now, let me know if anyone needs it.

        • Matt  

          • decollins  

            Done! Please help with the other requests on this feed!

  41. Thomas Wierinck  

    I can still send some invites for google + Anyone???

  42. Toby Nelson  

    I would love an invite if you would be so kind.

    • decollins  

      Done :)

  43. decollins  

    I posted above but I hadnt scrolled down the page yet. Hopefully this is the right spot :)

    If you have any invites, I would appreciate it you send me one. I will help out with invites on this feed once I set up.


  44. PJ  


    Can you send me an invite?

    Thanks in advance!

  45. Owelljl  

    I would like an invite!
    Thanks in advance!

    • decollins  

      Done! :)

  46. Ahmed  

    Anyone still need a Google+ invite ?

  47. PJ  

    Hi Ahmed,

    Yes, can I have an invite?


    • decollins  

      Done! :) Please help out with the request in this feed!

      • Tim Kautsky  

        Please invite me to Google+!

        Thanks, I really appreciate it!

  48. Olga  

    Could anyone send me an invite, please?

  49. Jessica  

    Hi pls get me an invite thx in advance :)

  50. Anna  

    Could you please send me an invite ?

  51. rafal  

    I have invites, post your e-mails

  52. Matt  

    Thanks Rafal, that was fast.

  53. djeddi  

    please invite me google + invitation

  54. Churito  

    Unfortunately, this is not opened to all countries yet and only U.S. residents can access the service. We’ll have still to wait.

  55. Jessiah  

    Would love an invite if you have any spares left. Thanx! :) []

  56. Nemanja  

    Please, can i get an invitation?
    Best regards

  57. Anonymous  

    If you already have a gmail account its much easier, you don’t even need an invite, i managed to get on to google + from twitter, i clicked a link on one of the pages i was following and ended up on their google + profile, as i was already logged in i automatically was given a profile? I simply clicked on the right hand corner where my email address is displayed, then clicked profile from the drop down menu and from there i have been starting to edit my profile.
    the link i used is below…

  58. hridoy  

    please, send me a Google Plus invitation

  59. Please invite meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Nemanja  

      It seems you have to post your e mail address in order to get a invitation. So, please write down your e mail in a reply post.

  60. my gmail id please invie me

    • @Hridoy – No problem. Google+ Invite sent!

  61. Hi –
    please send me a google+ invite

    Thanx in advance !

    • @Site – No problem. Invite sent!

  62. thegreat  


    Could someone please invite me.
    My email is

    Thanks :)

  63. Hi, thanks for your post. Could someone invite me too to Google+?
    My email:

    • @ilhamsk – Done invite sent!

      • thegreat  

        Hi Mr Groove,

        Got it. Thanks for the invitation :)

  64. tbk080993  

    Please send me a Google+ invitation!

    Thanks in advance!

    • @Tbk – There ya go. Invite sent!

  65. Ryoma  

    invite me to G+ please

    • @Ryoma – Invite sent – welcome to G+!

  66. Gibr  

    Could I get an invite, please?

    • @Gibr – Invite sent – Enjoy!

    • @Asmin – Invite sent – welcome to Google Plus!

  67. Fabian  

    I’d really appreciate an invite to google+ and am willing to invite others at your request.


    • @Fabian – groovyReaders will be rewarded! :)

      Invite sent. Enjoy

  68. Puiu  

    well I made a request 1 month ago and nothing…

    • Hi Puiu – Invite sent. Welcome to Google+!

      Not that your in you should have invites so if you could repay the invite by inviting other ppl here – that would be great!

  69. Closing Comments – Google updated the invite system. If you need an invite, read this new groovypost –

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