How To Get a Google Now-like New Tab Page in Chrome

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Do you use Google Now a lot in on your Android device and wish its functionality was on your computer too? Here’s a cool free extension for chrome that gives it to you.

Would you like to get more Google Now features on your computer? With the New Tab Page extension, you can add some Google Now-like functionality by using this extension. Here’s how it works.

First of all, add the extension, which you can find here, to Google Chrome — you’ll need to give it some permissions to use it.

google chrome google now add

Once added, you’ll notice that opening a new tab has become something completely different. Every time you do so, you’ll see a Google Now-like page, which includes all sorts of useful information with the familiar cards.

google chrome google now new tab

You’ll have a Google Now-style wallpaper on top of the tab and there’s a list of your most accessed websites underneath that. You can remove any of those sites by holding your mouse cursor on top of it and clicking the Close button appearing on the top right-side. This is perfect if you’re on a shared computer and you don’t want other users to see where you’ve been at a glance.

You also have a card which offers you direct access to your apps, for quicker operation — similar to what you see normally when opening a new tab.

google chrome google now apps card

Also, the tab will include a card including the most important news of the moment, as well as the ever-popular Now weather card, showing whether in your neck of the woods.

google chrome google now weather card

If you’re like me, from an area which uses the metric system, you’ll probably want to set the temperature to be shown in Celsius degrees.

That can be done pretty easily; the first step is going to the Google Chrome settings menu, as seen below.

google chrome google now settings

Then, choose Extensions on the left-side menu, and find New Tab Page. Click Options.

google chrome google now settings fahrenheit celsius

You’ll be able to select between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

google chrome google now weather choose

That’s as far as Settings go, as you can’t configure anything else about the extension yet.

Now, I have to admit that I’ll keep it installed, as it does bring some useful functionality, but I’d be pretty happy to see it developed further in the future. It would be cool if it had the ability to select what the tab contains, as well as to get the possibility to add stuff – like your Gmail inbox to it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. john

    July 12, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Looks beautiful and exactly what I’m looking for. But I would only trust Google with those permissions.

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