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Find Out How Much You’ve Paid for Android Apps

Have you ever wondered how much money you’ve spent on apps and other content on your Android device over the years? Here’s a look at a free app that will tally up how much you’ve spent on apps, devices, music, in-app purchases, and videos from the Play Store.

How Much Have I Paid for Apps On My Android?

First, start by installing My Paid Apps (link below). Fire it up and it will ask you to give it full access to your Google Account. It will only use it to get the information you want from it and it doesn’t store your data.


Once access has been provided, you’ll get the total in a few seconds. I have to admit I haven’t been too generous on this account; or is it just the fact that there are so many great free Android apps out there?

My Paid Apps

You can also use the menu on the top right side of the interface to decide what’s shown. The app can be set to show you all of the paid apps in your account, the ones that are currently installed, the ones that are not, as well as in-app purchases you might have made.


When you tap on Settings (three dots), you can get a few more options. You can make a donation to the author, Export a CSV file of the findings, Send a Debug Report, or access the Settings menu.


The latter provides you with some pretty cool stuff. Namely, you can set the currency in which your purchases are shown (as well as some other related options) and even highlight the apps that are installed in the main list. What’s interesting is that the developer has provided the app with a button which disables ads in the app completely. That way, you can decide for yourself if you want to support him by viewing them or not. If there’s something you rarely see, that must be it.

Android app

Install My Paid Apps on your Android device

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  1. Ravi December 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm #


    This is a good and a very useful tool, but it gets full access to the user’s google account which is like giving the control to a complete stranger. Isn’t it?

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