Whatbrowser is the Simple Way to Explain Web Browsers to Anyone

Getting a non-techy family member or friend to understand that Internet Explorer is not actually the internet can be difficult and time consuming. Whatbrowser is a site built by Google that encourages users to try multiple browsers while explaining what they are.

Have you ever tried to explain what a web browser was to someone who isn’t tech savvy? I recently tried to convert some of my long-time Internet Explorer using relatives over to Chrome and it resulted in utter confusion. The questions came up just like you expect they would, “What is this Simon Says icon all about?” “What did you do to the internet, it’s gone.” and so on. The reality of the situation quickly made it necessary to explain what a web browser was, and luckily I was still there in person to do it. But, what if you aren’t there in person? That’s where WhatBrowser comes in.


When you visit it will detect which browser you are running, and which version. It will then display this information in a small box, and then list other browser options. It’s quite refreshing to see an unbiased explanation when you consider Google owns and operates the site.

what browser am i using

If you continue scrolling down the page begins a short and simple explanation of what a web browser is. Each step of the explanation is accompanied by some crafty clip art.

what is a web browser

The page is also available in several different languages, so don’t let that be a barrier. The site is designed to automatically detect what language you are already using on your computer, but just incase it doesn’t there is a manual language changer at the bottom.

multi language

Overall whatbrowser isn’t anything too impressive, but it could provide a nifty stepping stone to get non-techy family and friends into using a better web browser.



  1. Juice805  

    for some reason is just sending me to Google

  2. Hahaha, I actually told some of my IE-using relatives and friends that, if I realize they’re still using it, I will not fix their computer when something’s wrong. And who else would they ask?

  3. Sam  

    Have you ever tried to teach a group at a nursing home anything about technology? This would have made my life just a little easier.

    • Haha! Can’t say I have, but that certainly sounds like a task of astronomic exigency.

    • Probably not enough Alcohol in the world for that bit of excitement. ;)

  4. At work we’ve just upgraded to IE8. It’s revolutionary. People are like “oh my god, tabs!”

    That 8 was not a typo.


    • ehhehehe… I’ll bet if we were to survey 100 companies, 70-80% would still be running Windows XP. Upgrades are painful for a business especially if the company is not a tech company. Hard to get support in some cases…

  5. Jim  

    Just discovered this article on Nov 27, 2018. The article states “It’s quite refreshing to see an unbiased explanation when you consider Google owns and operates the site.”

    Today, at the top of, there is a banner that says “This website will be unavailable after November 30, 2018”. I guess Google changed it’s mind.

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